We Languages is providing installment payments to support our Japanese learners.

This service is especially available to We students. Our installment payments allow our students to spread their payments over an extended time while studying Japanese.

Furthermore, two installment payment alternatives are available, allowing our students to be more flexible and less concerned about tuition fees. We offer 3-installments and 6-installments starting from a 40-point package until a 200-point package.

40-point package

Lesson fee¥62,000
Installment fee (3%)¥1,860
Taxation (10%)¥6,386
Total price¥70,246
For 3-installment payment
First payment¥26,246
2nd and thereafter¥22,000
For 6-installment payment
First payment¥15,246
2nd and thereafter¥11,000

60-point package

Lesson fee¥87,000
Installment fee (3%)¥2,610
Taxation (10%)¥8,961
Total price¥98,571
For 3-installment payment
First payment¥34,571
2nd and thereafter¥32,000
For 6-installment payment
First payment¥23,571
2nd and thereafter¥15,000

100-point package

Lesson fee¥137,000
Installment fee (3%)¥4,110
Taxation (10%)¥14,111
Total price¥155,221
For 3-installment payment
First payment¥55,221
2nd and thereafter¥50,000
For 6-installment payment
First payment¥30,221
2nd and thereafter¥25,000

150-point package

Lesson fee¥190,000
Installment fee (3%)¥5,700
Taxation (10%)¥19,670
Total price¥215,370
For 3-installment payment
First payment¥75,270
2nd and thereafter¥70,000
For 6-installment payment
First payment¥40,270
2nd and thereafter¥35,000

200-point package

Lesson fee¥220,000
Installment fee (3%)¥6,600
Taxation (10%)¥22,660
Total price¥249,260
For 3-installment payment
First payment¥89,260
2nd and thereafter¥80,000
For 6-installment payment
First payment¥49,260
2nd and thereafter¥40,000

Installment Plan Eligibility

  1. Installment plans are available for students who would like to purchase a 40-point package, 60-point package, 100-point package, 150-point package, and 200-point package. Installment plans are not available for a 10-point package. These installment payment plans are not covered in the textbook; students must handle them on their own.
  2. For a student to be eligible to participate in an installment plan, the student must;
    1. consent to disclose payment of tuition via credit card;
    2. lack sufficient available financial aid to pay the full balance owed on the student’s account; and 
    3. not have defaulted on a prior deferred payment agreement with We Languages
  3. If a student defaults to an installment or deferred payment plan with We Languages, the student will not be eligible to participate in a new installment plan for one calendar year following the cure of the default.
  4. This installment payment is unrelated to the number of points utilized. Payment will continue until the tuition fee is paid following the purchase plan, regardless of the number of points utilized.