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Step into our adaptable program anchored by three pivotal pillars: Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation. Catering to a broad spectrum of Chinese language goals, this design empowers you to choose classes that resonate deeply with your distinct objectives.

Traverse Our 10-Tiered Curriculum

Journey through our meticulously designed curriculum that elegantly unfolds across ten progressive levels, guiding you from the basics to advanced nuances. Every step is crafted to provide an engaging yet supportive learning atmosphere, aligning perfectly with each learner's level of mastery.

Daily Conversation Courses

Boost your confidence and social connections in Chinese communities with our engaging Daily Conversation Course at 'We Languages.'

Starting with fundamental communication skills, such as expressing actions and thoughts, we guide you toward advanced proficiency.

Our approach empowers you to articulate your intentions vibrantly, discuss Chinese history and culture confidently, and demonstrate empathy in conversations with native Chinese speakers.

Designed with an exceptional understanding of the learner's journey, each level of our Chinese Daily Conversation Courses is crafted to enhance your comfort and command over the language, propelling you towards linguistic and cultural fluency.

Dive deeper into the details of each level to embark on your personalized Chinese language journey today.

[Beginner Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 132L (64pts)■Build relationships with new acquaintances
■Discuss and ask about plans
■Extend and respond to invitations
■Talk about events Express likes and desires
■Conversations in supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores
Level 232L (64pts)■Exchange information about daily life and familiar topics
■Share experiences and obtain information
■Casual conversations with friends
■Express personal opinions and listen to others
■Expand conversations using conjunctions
[Upper Beginner Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 332L (64pts)■Natural spoken conversations
■Describe situations, make requests, and apologize
■Discuss preparation and explanations
■Talk about goals and future plans
■Explain the process and sequence of events
■Ask about various topics and give advice
Level 432L (64pts)■Discuss ongoing and completed goals
■Share uncertainties and misunderstandings
■Convey gratitude politely
■Exchange information based on current situations
■Describe personal circumstances
■Address various situations and events
[Intermediate Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 512L (24pts)■ Build and maintain personal relationships
■ Provide typical examples, explain causes and reasons
■ Foster understanding and deepen friendships
■ Use diagrams and charts to explain and discuss personal views and listen to others
Level 6 12L (24pts)■ Build and solidify relationships
■ Use longer and more formal expressions to state facts on a topic
■ Express 'honest feelings'
■ Share opinions and feelings about familiar topics
■ Express emotion
■ Discuss preferences with each other
■ Ask fact-based questions and express personal views
■ Deepen understanding of Chinese language, culture, and society
[Upper-Intermediate Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 7 16L (32pts)■Clearly express and convey personal thoughts
■Share opinions and reflections learned from personal thoughts and feelings
■Deepen understanding of Chinese language, culture, and society
■Gain a deeper understanding of differing opinions
■Express feelings and hopes using hypothetical and inferential expressions
■Deepen understanding of Chinese language, culture, and society
Level 8 16L (32pts)■Think and speak logically
■Draw conclusions and thoughts based on facts and examples
■Learn and deepen understanding of Chinese language and culture
■Understand oneself, manage and utilize personal and surrounding topics
■Expand topic choices, let others know you better, and deepen mutual understanding Learn and aim to become an intercultural communicator
[Advanced Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 9 18L (36pts)■Understand China and manage & utilize topics on values, culture, and customs
■Transition from broad topics to specific ones, clearly conveying the flow of conversation
■Learn about cultural differences between Chinese and foreigners and aim to become an intercultural communicator
Level 1018L (36pts)■Understand and coexist with people of different cultures and languages
■Understand and acknowledge differing values between oneself and others
■Learn about cultural differences between Chinese and foreigners and aim to become an intercultural communicator

Business Conversation Courses

Navigate the Chinese business landscape easily and confidently with our online Business Conversation Course at 'We Languages.'

Tailored to reflect real-world business scenarios, this course equips you with the essential language skills for conducting meetings, presentations, internal and external company interactions, business negotiations, and mastering business etiquette.

Enhance everyday task performance and foster effective communication with Chinese colleagues and partners.

Owing to our practical, results-oriented approach, numerous companies choose us for their language training programs.

Explore the details of each level of our Chinese Business Conversation Courses below to elevate your professional communication skills in the Chinese business environment.

[Intermediate Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 56L (12pts)■Introduce yourself in business situations ■Create good relationships by greeting appropriately in various scenes ■Confirm the plans and feasibility of a project with colleagues and ask for permission from your boss ■make detailed requests to specific people
Level 66L (12pts)■Invite people to events and approve or decline invitations from others ■Set a date and time, confirm, and get an appointment ■Make a proposal, considering the goals and the flow of a whole business plan
[Upper-Intermediate Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 78L (16pts)■Focus on key points, and summarize in order to explain the whole picture of an idea ■State positive and negative opinions depending on the situation ■Use appropriate expressions in meetings and discussions to carry on a conversation ■Euphemistically disagree with the opinions of others and give reasons or alternative suggestions
Level 88L (16pts)■Use appropriate conjunctions and allow a conversation to proceed step by step to reach a conclusion ■Explain your opinion to others and persuade them ■ Ask about the current situation and make requests in response to your complaints ■Understand basic contents, speaking styles and procedure for presentations
[Advanced Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Level 98L (16pts)■Start and keep the good mood of the conversation ■Tell the information needed to take over one's work and understand it ■Use effective expressions during a meet-up and proceed with negotiations ■Respond to customers' complaints appropriately by choosing certain words and phrases
Level 108L (16pts)■Respond to a customer's complaint appropriately with your boss ■Try to solve an issue that occurred between a client by explaining what happened and what will be done to solve it ■When trouble occurs between a client, make an effort to solve the issue, seeking your boss' help ■Work with the client with sincerity and decline transactions

Test Preparation Course

Conquer the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) confidently through ‘We Languages.’

Recognized as a crucial milestone in the Chinese learning journey, HSK serves as a reliable measure of progress and solid proof of language proficiency for educational and career opportunities.

Our specialized online HSK Test Preparation Course is meticulously designed to help you master a wide array of grammar forms and vocabulary precisely tailored to your desired level. Embark on your journey to achieving your Chinese language goals with us.

Discover more about each level of our Chinese Test Preparation Courses below and elevate your language skills to new heights.

[HSK Courses]
LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
HSK112L (24pts)■Pass HSK1 ■Understand basic sentence patterns, vocabulary used in daily life ■Listen and grasp what's said in simple conversations ■Understand the tendency of exam questions ■Finishing touch on HSK1 study
HSK212L (24pts)■Pass HSK2 ■Understand basic sentence patterns, vocabulary used in daily life ■Understand conversations in everyday situations and sentences about familiar topics ■Understand the tendency of exam questions ■Finishing touch on HSK2 study
HSK324L (48pts)■Pass HSK3 ■Understand intermediate sentence patterns and vocabulary ■ Grasp the main idea of more complex conversations ■Understand the tendency of the exam questions ■Finishing touch on HSK3 study
HSK424L (48pts)■Pass HSK4 ■Comprehend detailed conversations and discussions on a wide range of topics ■Understand the tendency of exam questions ■Finishing touch on HSK4 study
HSK524L (48pts)■Pass HSK5 ■Understand the nuances in more advanced texts and spoken Chinese ■Understand the tendency of the exam questions ■Finishing touch on HSK5 study
HSK624L (48pts)■Pass HSK6 ■Demonstrate proficiency in comprehending highly complex texts and spoken Chinese, including idiomatic and nuanced uses ■Understand the tendency of the exam questions ■Finishing touch on HSK6 study

Special Session

Imagine a classroom where language learners from different corners of the globe come together to explore the richness of our world. That's what We Special Session is all about – a unique fusion session that transcends borders and brings learners together for a dynamic exchange of cultures, news, cuisine, nature, and so much more.

In We Special Session, you'll embark on a thrilling journey of intercultural communication, where you can broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of our diverse planet. Whether you're passionate about discovering new traditions, exploring global current events, savoring international flavors, or marveling at the wonders of nature, this session is your ticket to an enriching educational experience.

Join us in We Special Session and elevate your intercultural communication skills while immersing yourself in the vibrant tapestry of our world. It's not just a language lesson; it's a global adventure waiting to unfold!

Online Group Courses

Private Lesson

Through careful assessment of your learning goals and needs, our dedicated counselors devise a unique, tailor-made Chinese study plan exclusively for you.

Leveraging our innovative 'Metrix' system, we encapsulate your individual values and interests, which inform and personalize your lessons, enriching your journey of Chinese language learning with relevance and immersion.

Our team of Personalized ChiNEEDS Coaches are dedicated to crafting lessons attuned to your specific interests, ensuring flexibility with a 24/7 learning schedule.

Key features of our service include curated, engaging materials, handpicked coaches best suited to your learning style, and a learning pace that you control, all aimed to provide a seamless, high-end online Chinese language learning experience.

[Example We Online Private Lesson Package]

LessonspointsExample of Personalized Course
10 L20 pts■Last-minute preparations for >> Travel to China >> Job interview
■Pinpoint Weak Point Reinforcement ■Follow-up group lessons
20 L40 pts■Preparation of speech or presentations
■Short-term intensive plan (3 lessons / 120 minutes per day for 10 days)
50 L100 pts■Complete Mastery of Daily and Business Conversation Project
■JLPT Intensive Prep
100 L200 pts■Long-term sustainable lesson course
■Point Share Family Course

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