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Daily Conversation

Test Preparation

Step into our adaptable program anchored by three pivotal pillars: Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation. Catering to a broad spectrum of language goals, this design empowers you to choose classes that resonate deeply with your distinct objectives.

Traverse Our 10-Tiered Curriculum

Journey through our meticulously designed curriculum that elegantly unfolds across 10 progressive levels, guiding you from the basics to advanced nuances. Every step is crafted to provide an engaging yet supportive learning atmosphere, aligning perfectly with each learner's level of mastery.

Daily Conversation

Learn to speak English in your unique way. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, you can study English tailored to your desired expressions.

While many English conversation classes focus on repetitive "pattern practice," at We, our goal is for you to acquire "my English" – a personalized form of the language spoken with your own thoughts and feelings. By expressing your opinions and emotions freely, you'll become a genuine bilingual and bicultural individual, capable of authentic communication.

[Speak Out A]

Speak Out A is a specialized speaking course, emphasizing the sheer "volume" of speaking practice for participants.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Speak Out A 1Level 1-224L (48pts)Foundational Expression:
Learn to discuss familiar subjects like family, shopping, travel, and work using your own vocabulary. Participants will also hone their skills in initiating questions, fostering enjoyable two-way conversations.
Speak Out A 2Level 3-424L (48pts)Expressive Communication:
Dive into expressing personal viewpoints on familiar topics such as sports, prominent figures, and dietary habits. As students evolve in this module, they gain the confidence to articulate their feelings and intentions, advocating for positive interactions.
Speak Out A 3Level 5-624L (48pts)Analytical Expression:
Venture into comprehensive discussions on broader subjects, from the global economy and the concept of lifetime employment to welfare societies. The emphasis here is on "thoughtful" expression. Participants will form, defend, and converse on contemporary topics, fully expressing themselves in English.
Speak Out A 4Level 7-824L (48pts)Deep Dives:
This level equips students with the tools for engaging in multifaceted discussions on global social dilemmas. From evolving gender roles worldwide dynamics of parent-child relationships to confronting HIV/AIDS issues, learners will delve deep into singular topics, fostering rich dialogue.
Speak Out A 5Level 9-1024L (48pts)Deep Dives:
This level equips students with the tools for engaging in multifaceted discussions on global social dilemmas. From evolving gender roles worldwide, dynamics of parent-child relationships to confronting HIV/AIDS issues, learners will delve deep into singular topics, fostering rich dialogue.
[Speak Out B]

Speak Out B is a grammar-centric class. This program accentuates the "accuracy (quality)" of spoken English.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Speak Out B 1Level 2-324L (48pts)Students begin by mastering the formation of basic sentences revolving around familiar subjects. The initial phase involves practicing the art of asking and answering using straightforward sentences. By the culmination of this level, students will engage in fluent conversations about familiar topics using well-constructed sentences.
Speak Out B 2Level 3-424L (48pts)At this stage, students refine the application of grammar they've previously learned, enabling its seamless use in genuine conversations. This ensures students can wield English with confidence, both in professional environments and in more formal settings.
Speak Out B 3Level 5-624L (48pts)Here, students hone their ability to articulate thoughts using concise, clear, and sophisticated sentences, empowered by advanced grammar and syntax. They'll efficiently distill the essence of their ideas and viewpoints in discussions, ensuring lucid and effective communication.

Expressions is a dedicated vocabulary and idioms class. This program aims to enrich your linguistic "Expressions," giving a unique flavor to your English.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Expressions 1Level 1-224L (48pts)In this introductory level, students get acquainted with foundational expressions pivotal for everyday conversations – from family to shopping and daily routines. With this foundation, students can effectively convey their thoughts, making conversations enjoyable even with a foundational vocabulary.
Expressions 2Level 3-424L (48pts)At this juncture, students delve into colloquial expressions, the kind native speakers pepper into their everyday chats, covering topics like movies, weekend plans, and upcoming vacations. This not only enables more natural communication but also instills a rhythmic fluency to their language.
Expressions 3Level 5-624L (48pts)Expanding their repertoire, students now explore expressions suited for advanced discussions, traversing subjects from manners and ethics to work, science, and technology. They learn to choose the apt words for each context, ensuring clear and appropriate communication.
Expressions 4Level 7-824L (48pts)Venturing into deeper waters, students now grapple with intricate vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. They tackle real-world topics like online privacy, the pros of aging, animal welfare, and discussions of virtue and vice. Additionally, they cultivate the skill to paraphrase and synthesize words effectively. This level equips them with the lexical range needed for extensive discussions across myriad topics.
Expressions 5Level 9-1024L (48pts)In this pinnacle stage, students hone their vocabulary and conversational prowess to decode English newspapers adeptly. They can confidently navigate complex discussions on societal pillars such as politics, science, law, and business, employing nuanced and apt expressions.
[Fluency (聴発音)]

Dive into 'Fluency,' our specialized program honed on mastering the authentic "sounds" of English.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
FluencyLevel 3-624L (48pts)Achieving that authentic English rhythm, the kind that sounds both genuine and captivating requires an understanding of its nuanced sound dynamics. This includes recognizing the differences between English and other languages in vowel and consonant articulation, intonation, stress patterns, and other sound characteristics. Just as English has its "grammar" rules governing word order, there exist "sound laws" dictating its acoustic production.
While children can often get by merely mimicking native speakers' pronunciations, adults stand to benefit from a more analytical approach to sound. Truly understanding the underpinnings of the English sound system allows you to reproduce it accurately. As you become adept at articulating these sounds, your ability to discern them aurally sharpens, consequently boosting your listening skills.

Business Conversation

Master English for the Professional World: Business, Client Relations, and Social Interactions.

At 'We', our Business English program equips you with the expertise vital for international business success. From mastering English expressions pivotal for meetings, presentations, and customer service, to honing email communication, negotiation tactics, and professional etiquette – we've got you covered. Our content, grounded in real-world scenarios, combined with our 'WWW' approach to "results-based learning", empowers you to rise as a "global talent" and a "world-class professional."

[General Business English Conversation]

A comprehensive course designed to immerse you in the nuances of business English, tailored to various professional scenarios.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Business English 1Level 3-424L (48pts)Delve into the language essential for core business interactions. Learn expressions tailored for business introductions, telephonic appointments, company orientations, hospitality, and product pitches. By the course's conclusion, you'll articulate "facts" both clearly and succinctly. (Conversation Level)
Business English 2Level 5-624L (48pts)Expand your business English proficiency, allowing for agile responses in both expected and unforeseen scenarios. This level accentuates speaking fluency, priming you for brisk professional settings. Elevate your communication to effectively express "opinions." (Discussion Level)
Business English 3Level 7-824L (48pts)Engage in English for situations demanding logic and precision, like negotiations, presentations, and troubleshooting. Equip yourself to navigate multifaceted challenges that arise in professional spheres. The communication target here is to harmonize differing "opinions" while understanding and self-expressing in English. (Debate Level)
Business Decision MakingLevel 8-924L (48pts)Refine your practical business acumen through in-depth case studies. Participate actively in English-led strategy sessions, product planning, and problem-solving meetings. This course hones your ability to voice opinions, seek insights, and master the art and timing of effective debates. Elevate your presence and initiative during discussions.
Business WritingLevel 6-824L (48pts)Under the guidance of a seasoned writing trainer, master the craft of composing precise and impactful business documents swiftly. Learn workplace-ready English expressions and techniques to convey messages with clarity and intent. Post-course, witness a remarkable uplift in your writing prowess, enhancing your email processing and overall productivity.
Debate(Viewpoints)Level 8-1024L (48pts)Much like how different perspectives offer varied views, this course invites you to discuss topics from multifaceted angles. Using assigned subjects, boost your reading comprehension and critical listening skills. Furthermore, foster an ability to collate and pinpoint key aspects of issues, nurturing a logical thought process anchored by the recurring query, "Why?"

Job-specific English Classes | Delve into specialized English courses tailored for different professional sectors. Equip yourself with practical know-how, ensuring immediate applicability in your respective job roles.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Financial EnglishLevel 5-86L (12pts)The dynamic and increasingly global financial sector demands niche knowledge and the prowess to assimilate global information. Enhance your career trajectory and streamline your tasks with finance-centric English.
IT EnglishLevel 5-84L (8pts)Encountering specifications, reports, or a boss who communicates in English? Dive into IT jargon, even those that may perplex native speakers. Ideal for current IT professionals or aspirants looking to join the sector.
Hotel EnglishLevel 4-74L (8pts)The hospitality sector demands not just rote-learned English but language emanating warmth, sincerity, and poise. Master the art of communication vital for front desk roles, restaurant interactions, banquets, and telephonic service in hotels.
Designer EnglishLevel 4-72L (4pts)As creators who frequently depict abstract concepts, designers have a distinct "sensibility." Challenge yourself to craft unique English expressions rooted in this artistic sensibility, defining "The Art of English."
Restaurant EnglishLevel 4-62L (4pts)With the rapid increase in borderless foreign tourists and expatriates, communication in restaurants is critical. Make sure you are well prepared to provide seamless service to your global clientele by acquiring English-language know-how.
Sales EnglishLevel 4-62L (4pts)Hone both your English acumen and mindset, allowing you to engage customers confidently, using the products you endorse as your shared language. Draw inspiration from cinematic hits like "The Devil Wears Prada" and iconic publications like "Vogue" to bolster your sales floor interactions, encompassing "fundamental responses," "fashion intelligence," and "expressive prowess."

Test Preparation

Bring your English skills to life.

Certification exams play a multifaceted role, aiding not just in career progression but also in fueling your motivation. Let these qualifications be your trusted ally and elevate your competencies!

Whether you're preparing for professional milestones with exams like STEP BULATS and TOEIC®, or setting your sights on global academic endeavors with tests like EIKEN, TOEFL®, IELTS, and GMAT®, our dedicated curriculum stands by you. Aim high, and let us guide you through each step.

[Step Tests]

Passing EIKEN encompasses "Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Application Skills". Unlike TOEIC®, which uses mark-sensing methods, EIKEN evaluates core aspects of English competency through written essays and interviews. It not only helps in elevating English proficiency but also serves as credible evidence for studying abroad.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
2 KyuLevel 5-624L (48pts)Level 2 signifies that students have the capability to apply skills they've garnered up to this level in diverse real-life contexts. It is considered equivalent to a high school graduate's proficiency. At this level, students should be proficient in understanding and using English necessary for day-to-day social interactions.
Pre1 KyuLevel 7-7-824L (48pts)Contrary to the naming, Level Pre1 is the step just before Level 1. It is perceived to be at par with the intermediate level of university English competency. At this juncture, students should be adept at understanding and employing English required for daily life.
1 KyuLevel 9-9-1024L (48pts)Level 1 represents the pinnacle of the Eiken examination objectives. Here, students are anticipated to have the proficiency to comprehend and use English across an extensive array of social contexts.

Score = Competence x Technique: The TOEIC® is a global examination that objectively assesses English language skills essential for international communication.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
TOEIC© 600Level 5-624L (48pts)- Understand the patterns of Part 1, 2, 5, and 6.
- Familiarize themselves with commonly used words and phrases.
- Complete all sections within the given time frame.
Moreover, students will solidify their grasp on grammar and vocabulary, acquire strategies to effectively tackle Part 5 and 6, and receive guidance to enhance their overall skills.
TOEIC© 730Level 7-824L (48pts)- We will revisit strategies for solving Part 1, 2, 5, and 6.
- Delve deeper into specific grammar topics.
Students reaching a 730-level listening proficiency will be trained to understand and respond to more intricate English sentences and dialogues.
TOEIC© 860Level 9-1024L (48pts)- Enhancing quick reading and listening abilities.
- Expanding vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
- Strengthening reading comprehension skills.

TOEFL® Score = "4 Skills x Thinking Skills": This examination is the primary gateway to formal international study. It serves as a benchmark to assess the English proficiency of non-native English speakers.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
TOEFL© 61Level 5-624L (48pts)- Learn how to tackle C-rank questions including Reading ("Argument, Context, and Directives"), Listening ("Subject, Purpose, and Characters"), Speaking (responses that directly address the question's main point), and Writing (responses that broadly represent the correct answer).
- Through consistent practice, refine their ability to answer questions accurately within the time constraint, aiming for 15 points in each of the four skill sections.
TOEFL© 80Level 7-824L (48pts)- Grasp how to solve B-level questions: Reading (covering "details, challenging vocabulary, and organizational structure"), Listening ("detail-oriented and sequential understanding"), Speaking (providing "logical responses emphasizing key points"), and Writing (constructing "coherent sentences highlighting essential points").
- Engage in practice sessions to foster their ability to respond accurately within the set time frame, with the goal of achieving 20 points in each of the four sections.
TOEFL© 100Level 9-1024L (48pts)- Understand techniques to answer A-level questions: Reading ("Matching, inferring, and summarizing"), Listening ("Inferring, categorizing, and summarizing"), Speaking ("Highlighting key points with logical coherence and minimal errors"), and Writing ("Maintaining clarity, logical flow, and minimal errors in sentence structures").
- Participate in practical sessions to refine their response strategies. Subsequently, they'll continue practicing to hone their capability to answer accurately within the given time, aiming for 20 points in each of the four sections.

A proficiency test strategically tailored to enhance all four skills: IELTS is an English language proficiency test often required for studies in the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. The test format comprises both written sections and an interview-style speaking test.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
IELTS 5.5Level 5-624L (48pts)Level: Basic to Intermediate.
This preparatory course is crafted to bolster foundational English competencies while guiding students towards their IELTS examination. It serves as an introductory step for those attempting the IELTS for the first time, aiming for a score of 5.5.
IELTS 6.5Level 7-824L (48pts)Designed for students with prior IELTS scores between 5.5 and 6.0. The course targets achieving a score of 6.5, focusing on enhancing proficiencies in the Listening, Reading, and Writing components.
IELTS 7.5Level 9-1024L (48pts)Catered to students with an IELTS score of 6.5 or above. This advanced course emphasizes practical skill development in Listening, Reading, and Writing through extensive problem-solving exercises.
IELTS SpeakingLevel 7-824L (48pts)Intended for students scoring below 5.5 in the IELTS Speaking section and those unfamiliar with English conversation. The course facilitates the acquisition of expressions pertinent to the IELTS Speaking test. Through rigorous practice across all three speaking parts, students are trained to articulate coherent and relevant answers.
IELTS GeneralLevel 7-824L (48pts)Exclusively designed for the General Training Module, this course encompasses both Listening and Speaking sections. It offers a comprehensive preparation strategy tailored for the General Test. This course assists students aiming to secure a working visa in the United Kingdom and permanent residency in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Level Up Formula = "Ability to Address Weaknesses x Immediate Capability"
STEP BULATS is the Business English counterpart of Eiken, co-developed by Eiken and Cambridge ESOL.

LevelLessonsLearning outcomes
Computer Test Preparation [Level A / B / C]Level 5-624L (48pts)Administered on a computer, this test contains questions identical to those in the Standard Test. However, the difficulty of subsequent questions adjusts based on previous answers, making it crucial to respond correctly to each question. This test format is structured to enhance your proficiency in topics pivotal to each level.
Standardized Test Preparation [Level A / B / C]Level 7-824L (48pts)This test evaluates listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Spanning 14 parts, students will familiarize themselves with the patterns and effective strategies for each section. The course emphasizes improving the precision of grammar and vocabulary pertinent to each level while bolstering listening and reading proficiencies.
Speaking Test Preparation [Level A / B / C]Level 9-1024L (48pts)An interview-styled assessment, this test encompasses three question types that examine immediate response capabilities, pronunciation and intonation accuracy, and vocabulary usage. Students will engage in the rigorous practice, guided by sample answers tailored for each proficiency level until they achieve fluency.
Writing Test Preparation [Level A / B / C]Level 7-824L (48pts)This segment comprises two test formats: crafting a brief message and penning a concise report. Emphasis is placed on constructing sentences reflecting business-appropriate formality. As evaluations are based on the inclusion of requisite information coupled with correct vocabulary and grammar usage, students are trained to formulate sentences with precision tailored to each level.

Special Programs

[Culture Sessions]

We Languages Special Programs provide the ultimate space for intercultural exchange, where students from all over the world come together to share their different perspectives. These integrative programs enable students to interact dynamically across borders in a way only our multilingual online school can. Learn and talk about different countries, cultures, news, cuisines, nature, and much more in these fruitful and intellectually stimulating programs.

Broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of a diverse world with We Special Sessions' exciting intercultural exchange trip. Discover new values, explore global current affairs, learn about the world's climate and nature, and gain a knowledge and sense of place that will serve you throughout your life. Enrich your life by gaining different perspectives.

You're not just learning the grammar and vocabulary of a language, you're living a global adventure! Needless to say, this will have a synergistic effect on your linguistic development.

Returnee Program G4 - G5 (5th and 6th Grade) / G6 - G7 (1st and 2nd Grade)

This unique program is tailored for returnee children and other students who aspire to master the core educational skills prevalent in elementary and junior high schools across English-speaking nations. It recreates the learning atmosphere of schools abroad, emphasizing the three key skills: writing, reading, and speaking.

Perfectly suited for students who:

  • Wish to maintain and enhance the English proficiency they acquired abroad.
  • Seek opportunities to engage with fellow returnee students from various parts of the world.
  • Are considering enrolling in schools that have special provisions for returnees.
  • Have aspirations to pursue higher education in overseas high schools or universities.

Whether you're looking to preserve your acquired skills or plan for future overseas studies, our program is designed with you in mind, providing a taste of international education right here in your country.

Learning outcomes
Essay/Writing CourseIn this course, students will delve into the art of essay writing. They'll grasp the nuances of sentence structuring, tense usage, fact, and opinion representation, and adopting a third-person viewpoint. Diverse writing platforms such as stories, newspaper articles, and reviews will be explored. The course also emphasizes the development of ideation skills and offers guidance on essay planning and structuring.
Reading Comprehension CourseIn this course, students will delve into the art of essay writing. They'll grasp the nuances of sentence structuring, tense usage, fact, and opinion representation, and adopting a third-person viewpoint. Diverse writing platforms such as stories, newspaper articles, and reviews will be explored. The course also emphasizes the development of ideation skills and offers guidance on essay planning and structuring.
Speech & Presentation CourseA segment of the Returnee Program, this course focuses on honing students' speech and presentation abilities. Students will learn the art of effective communication, from presenting their opinions with clarity to mastering body language. They'll also familiarize themselves with idiomatic expressions and structured speech delivery. Real-world speeches serve as foundational materials, complemented by lively in-class discussions and debates.
[Japanese Language Teacher Training Course: Become a native English speaking Japanese teacher!]

In today's globalized world, while the demand for English learning is surging, there's a growing contingent of individuals deeply fascinated by Japanese culture and language. Historically, Japanese language education has primarily centered on grammar and has often been taught exclusively in Japanese. Such an approach, unfortunately, left many learners, especially those from Western backgrounds, feeling overwhelmed right at the outset.

Our course revolutionizes this approach, offering instruction both in English and Japanese. We employ the "JapaNEEDS®" method, which prioritizes the specific needs of the student, coupled with "JAPANese," an approach that seamlessly intertwines the intricacies of the Japanese language with the rich tapestry of its culture.

Learning outcomes
Specialized English for Japanese Language TeachersOur We-PJC (Personal Japanese Coaching) methodology leverages English, the world's lingua franca, to facilitate a more effective and seamless Japanese learning experience. This approach ensures learners from diverse backgrounds grasp the nuances of the Japanese language without undue stress. Additionally, we offer a specialized program focused on "English for Teaching Japanese" to further hone the English skills of aspiring Japanese language teachers.

Upon completing the course, graduates are not only equipped to open their private teaching establishment but also have the opportunity to instruct at We Japanese Language School. Furthermore, career paths extend to other Japanese language education centers, international corporations, and even roles within foreign government diplomatic missions.

Private Lessons

Our dedicated counselors will carefully assess your learning goals and needs and devise a customized English conversation study plan just for you.

Utilizing the innovative "Metrix" system, we produce English conversation learning that fits you by understanding your individual goals and interests and reflecting them in your lessons.

The portal is available 24/7 to connect you with We's team of personalized English conversation coaches. You can build a learning schedule and design lesson plans tailored to your interests.

[Online Private Lesson Program Example]

Number of LessonsPointExamples of personalized content
10 L20 pts■Last-Minute Prep >> Travel >> Job Interview
Pinpoint Weak Point Reinforcement ■Follow-up Group Lessons
20 L40 pts■Preparation for speeches and presentations
Short-term intensive plan (3 lessons / 120 minutes per day x 10 days)
50 L100 pts■Complete Mastery Project for Daily Conversation and Business Conversation
TOEFL®, TOEIC®, and other test preparation
100 L200 pts■Complete Mastery Project for Daily and Business Conversation
Preparation for TOEFL®, TOEIC®, and other exams