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Unified Coaching Excellence

At 'We', our coaches go beyond being merely registered professionals. They're distinguished experts, each having completed our proprietary Personalized Language Coach (PLC) training. This ensures every student benefits from a bespoke learning journey tailored to their unique needs. Our collective coaching philosophy fosters a harmonious team of instructors. They collaborate and share resources and the student's information on our platform, guaranteeing consistent course content regardless of the coach you select.

Holistic Multilingual Instruction

Diverse linguistic backgrounds form the cornerstone of We's coaching philosophy. While many of our coaches are native English speakers, we proudly host instructors from a plethora of nationalities. By valuing fluency in multiple languages, we're uniquely positioned to cater to students from various linguistic backgrounds, ensuring English integrates seamlessly with other languages in our instruction. Such an approach, deeply rooted in understanding and respecting each student's cultural and linguistic heritage, enriches the learning process, making each class a vivid tapestry of languages and cultures.

Progress Mapped After Every Step

At We, every lesson is a stride towards evident advancement. With precision, we document each session, offering students a lucid progress trajectory. This meticulousness aids in tracking development and ensures fluid collaboration among coaches. As students transition between instructors, there's a seamless continuation, with each coach being fully aligned with the learner's journey, ensuring consistent growth and understanding.

Our Representative Coaches

Academic Director

Kevin Cancellaro

国籍:USA 最終学歴:University of Hawaii
専攻・資格:M.A. in Linguistic

we創業メンバーの一人であるKevin Cancellaro。現在、ロシア国立研究大学にてSenior Lecturer 及び Assessment Coordinatorとして活躍中。並行してweコーチ陣のアセスメントとブースター・トレーニングとを行いweのトータル・クォリティー・コントロールを担っています。

Coach Profiles on We Portal

Through our student portal, Welife, students can access in-depth profiles of all our coaches. This enables them to find a coach who matches their learning needs and shares similar interests, creating a more tailored and engaging learning journey.

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