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5 Features of We Languages

5 Features of We Languages

Achieve Mastery, Not Just Fluency

Try it out now and notice a significant improvement in your language skills!

1. Programs


Private Lesson

Easy Booking System
Flexible and Personalized Content

Online Private Lesson

40 Mins / 2 points

Group Lesson

No Hassle of Making Reservations Each Time
Learn from Your Classmates’ Insights

Online Group Lesson
80 Mins / 2 points

We Fusion

A global community-like session to discuss topics related to culture, history, and current events with peers in other languages.

We Fusion

40 Mins or 80 Mins / 0~2 points

Enjoy the flexibility of mixing and matching between Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and We Fusion. All lesson types are accessible for a comprehensive learning experience.

Lesson Content


Learn a new language and improve your social skills in a new society.

Two women enjoying daily conversation

Improve your business language sense in each country and culture.

Two businessmen conversing by an office window with a view of Tokyo Tower.

Test your language proficiency in a variety of languages with confidence.

People taking the exam

Our online language program is built on three critical pillars - Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation - covering all aspects of language learning goals.

Mandala Language Learning System
International Coaching Team

4. System

We online language school platform on the computer screen

This system facilitates the collaborative effort
among our coaches, enabling a team-teaching approach.

5. Concierge

Female online language concierge speaking to a male student.

We save your time and energy,
making your learning process as smooth as possible.