language(s) learning. both private and group lesson.

Ready on the exciting yet challenging journey of mastering a new language? We Languages welcomes you with the perfect launchpad – introducing the One-Month Pilot.

What's in the Pilot?

Our One-Month Pilot is your key to an immersive language experience. Here's what you get:

  • 4 Tailored Private Lessons:
    • Dive deep into the language with personalized sessions that revolve around your goals, pace, and preferences.
  • One Free Single Session:
    • Join a 60-minute group lesson for free, exploring group dynamics and engaging with fellow learners.

Private Lessons: Your Personalized Journey

  • Free and Flexible Contents:
    • Choose your lesson content, be it daily conversation, business language(s), or specific topics.
  • Free Booking System:
    • Learn at your convenience with a flexible booking system tailored to your schedule.
  • No Distractions:
    • Focus entirely on your learning without any external distractions.

Group Lessons: Community Learning

For those who enjoy group learning, our Pilot extends to group lessons too.

  • Example Path:
    • Opt for group lessons like "Daily Conversation for Beginner Level 1," a comprehensive 32-lesson course.
  • Monthly Plan Enrollment:
    • Enroll in the monthly plan for structured learning, progressing through a set number of lessons.
  • Completing the Level:
    • Choose flexible payment cycles, approximately 8 for a 32-lesson course, managing your learning journey based on your schedule and financial preferences.

In essence, the group lesson option in our One-Month Pilot provides an organized and accessible path to mastering specific levels, offering a balanced blend of structure and flexibility.

How to Begin Your Language(s) Learning Adventure:

  • Explore Your Options: Choose between private lessons or group sessions based on your preferences.
  • Enroll Directly: Ready to dive in? Click One-Month Pilot Plan to enroll and kick start your language(s) learning journey.

Need Guidance?

If you ever need assistance or want personalized advice, our team is here for you. Feel free to reach out at anytime.

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