April 2024

One-Month Pilot Learning: Your Gateway to language(s) Mastery

Ready on the exciting yet challenging journey of mastering a new language? We Languages welcomes you with the perfect launchpad – introducing the One-Month Pilot. What's in the Pilot? Our One-Month Pilot is your key to an immersive language experience. Here's what you get: Private Lessons: Your Personalized Journey Group Lessons: Community Learning For those […]

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Manga Learning Series: English Vocabulary in Japanese Daily Life

English Words are Increasingly Used in Everyday Life - 日常生活でますます使われる英単語 📺 Exploring scenes: Birthday Present - 誕生日の贈り物 John: This is tanjoubi no okurimono.ジョン:これ、誕生日の贈り物です。 Yui: A birthday present? Thank you.ユイ:バースデープレゼント?サンキュウ。 John: It's a kubikazari.ジョン:首飾りです。 Yui: You mean a necklace?ユイ:ネックレスのことね? John: Let's go to a shokudou and make a toast with budoushu.ジョン:食堂へ行こう。ブドウ酒で乾杯しよう。 Yui: You mean make a […]

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