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The cherry blossoms symbolize spring in Japan, painting the archipelago in vibrant hues. In this season of cherry blossoms, let us introduce you to the beautiful Japanese words associated with sakura.

桜は、日本の春を象徴。日本列島を鮮やかに染め上げます。 桜咲くこの季節、桜にまつわる美しい日本語をご紹介します。

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The custom of cherry blossom viewing is said to have begun in the Nara period. However, initially, it seems that people admired plum blossoms rather than cherry blossoms.


Cherry blossoms existed since the earlier Yayoi period, around 300 BC. In the Western context, it would be during the time of ancient Rome. In Japan, since ancient times, rice planting has been done to coincide with the full bloom of cherry blossoms.


Cherry blossoms act as navigators for rice cultivation. Rice has been a vital staple for the Japanese, so you could say cherry blossoms act as navigators of life. 


The origin of the word “ine” (rice plant) is also said to be “the root of life.” And there’s a theory that “Sakura” (cherry blossoms) means “kura” (storehouse) where the spirit of the rice plant “sa” resides.

米がなる「稲(イネ)」の語源は「命の根」とも言われています。そして「サクラ」は、稲の精霊である「サ」が鎮座する「クラ」 という説もあるんです。

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