December 2020

Japanese New Trendy Word: Matsu Iku/Eyelash Training

Matsu Iku [まつ育] This means taking care to maintain healthy and beautiful eyelashes. 健康で、きれいなまつげを、育てるために、ケアをすることです。 < kennkou de kireina matsuge wo sodateru tame ni kea wo suru koto desu. > To make their eyelashes longer and to prevent them from falling out easily, women use eyelash serum or shampoo and massage the roots to improve blood […]

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Please be informed that our office will be closed Sunday, December 27th Until Sunday, January 3rd. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our office will resume Monday, January 4th 11A.M. For online lessons, available slots can be book during this period so feel free to book your lessons.

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