❄️Essential words to be "Snow Savvy"❄️

In Japan, snowfall is described as snow dancing down "Yuki ga Mau / 雪が舞う"

  • Snow Dance word
  • Snow covered word
  • Sake while viewing the snow word
  • Snow Fridge word

The scene of snow falling quietly and incessantly is described as “shinshin ,” while the fluttering and swirling of snow are expressed as “chirachira ” or “hirahira .” Additionally, when snow falls from roofs or branches, it’s described as a “dosatt ” sound.


When wet snow falling in large, petal-like clumps, resembling peony petals, is called “botan (peony)-yuki ” or “bota-yuki .” On the contrary, light, powdery snow is called “konayuki. ” 


In Japan, it is thought that snow is a sacred thing that removes all debris. It is the inherited sensibility of the Japanese to feel sadness at the harsh but beautiful and fleeting fate of snow.

日本では雪は神聖なものとされており、けがれを落とすと考えられていました。 厳しい寒さをもたらすけれども美しく、雪が儚く消えていく様に切なさを感じる。これは、日本人が大切にしている感性の一つです。

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