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At We Languages, our team of seasoned writers and editors with deep expertise in world cultures provide fascinating world reflections and insights. We strive to provide valuable content that not only offers linguistic knowledge but also illuminates a rich tapestry of cultures, societies, and histories.

Language and culture are two sides of the same coin. True language learning is about honing practical skills while gaining a deep understanding of the culture and climate that nurtured the language.

We Languages School

At We Languages, an online language school, we understand that language and culture are intertwined. In order to truly master a variety of languages online, it is important to delve into the dynamic culture that forms that language. For this reason, in addition to language skill acquisition, we also offer a number of cultural blog posts to further deepen your understanding of the culture.

What We Do

We Languages is more than just an online language school. Our commitment is to provide high-context language courses regardless of the student's language ability. The driving force behind this commitment is our academic team, including our highly skilled coaches.

We's philosophy is rooted in creating a collaborative and inclusive learning environment where learners are motivated and secure in their language goals. Our coaches employ innovative teaching methods and a tailored approach to individual learning needs.

We's blog has become an essential resource for We's educational content. It serves as a portal for sharing the world's vibrant cultural heritage, complex language nuances, and contemporary trends. Each article is carefully selected by experienced writers and supervised by experts in both language and culture.

Therefore, accuracy, authenticity, and deep cultural insight are guaranteed in every article. Whether you want to master the expressions of various languages, hone your total language skills, or delve into the historical and social aspects of different countries around the world, the We Languages blog is a treasure trove of information that will satisfy your curiosity and deepen your understanding.

At We Languages, we believe that learning a language means that enrichment means being able to enjoy life from many different perspectives. Learning a language allows us to do just that.

We believe that this world, this planet, is a gift of sharing unique cultures and natural beauty. We want to encourage you to embrace the world's diverse cultures, integrate them with your own personal experiences, and foster a unique symbiosis that promotes mutual growth.

Why You Should Trust Us

At We Languages, we believe that learning a language means being able to enjoy life from many different angles. Learning a language allows you to do just that.

We believe that this world, this planet, is a gift of sharing unique cultures and natural beauty. We want to encourage people to embrace the world's diverse cultures, integrate them with their own personal experiences, and foster a unique symbiosis that promotes mutual growth.

Recognizing that our students come from a wide variety of occupations and professional backgrounds, we have developed a flexible learning system that allows us to offer online language lessons to fit our learners' demanding schedules. We at We Languages are committed to making language learning accessible, enjoyable, and productive for everyone, regardless of occupation.

We have been commissioned to provide language training for government offices, companies, and organizations in a variety of industries to meet the language needs of professionals who are looking to advance their careers.

Student's Voice

Ms.Caroline Ruck

Don’t be tricked by the idea of speaking and reading Japanese within a couple of months. Surely you will learn a lot, especially the most needed things, but it won’t come naturally to you since it is unrelated to any European language. Still worth a try! ‘Ganbatte!’

We Japanese Language School Get To Know Us

Chief Author

Katsuyuki Hasegawa


Comparative Culture, History, Culture, Economy, Society, Politics

General Introduction

1984 Published "Challenge! A New Journey: Working Holiday"
1986 Founds Hiragana Times, becomes editor-in-chief
1991 Published "Culture Shock: The Real Face of Japan.
1994 Published "Secrets of the Japanese."
1998 Published "Meet The Japanese"
1998 Published "Rule of the Japanese"

Awarded the Grand Prize at the NTT All Japan Town Magazine Festival.

Author of We Languages School


Alison Carter


We language coach, Business Writing, Writing essays, Yoga & Pilates,

The Unique We Languages WWW Approach

General Introduction

Hi there. My name is Alison, and I'm really excited to work with you and help you progress in your language-learning journey. Personal and professional development is very important to me, so I am always happy to work with people looking to develop themselves and learn new skills. As a coach, I will do my best to make your sessions beneficial and enjoyable.

I am a UK (Manchester) based journalist, writer, and editor. I have nine years of experience as a writer and now work as a freelancer with companies worldwide, writing about education, well-being, hospitality, technology, and many other topics. I am also a trained yoga and pilates teacher and a play educator, and I enjoy working with children and adults worldwide to aid their holistic development.

I am passionate about travel, culture, and music. I play the ukulele and love to sing and am happiest when I'm exploring a new place or out in nature. I love to connect with new people and learn more about their lives. I am excited to work together and can't wait to meet you.

Author and Editor

Natsuko Seki


Japanese New Expression and Buzzwords, Japanese Events, Product and Food topics

General Introduction

With 25 years of experience as a magazine editor, Natsuko is a valuable member of the blog editing team. She is currently involved in producing articles for Hiragana Times and editing Japanese and English language materials, with a focus on DTP. She arranges interviews with a variety of people to add depth and richness to the content, and her We blog covers mainly "new expressions and buzzwords" to provide a fascinating look at the pulsating city. Always on the lookout for the latest events, unique Japanese products, and food, our keen antenna for fresh and intriguing information adds an extra edge to our content, ensuring that it remains relevant, accurate, and engaging.

Quality Supervisor

Mizuki Ichihira


Japanese Language, Japanese Society, Japanese Culture, Japanese Modern Culture

General Introduction

Certified as Personalized JapaNEEDs Coach, Enjoys Sharing Japanese, Cultural Enthusiast, Bachelor’s Degree in International Liberal Arts

Editorial team - author of We Languages


Valentinë Baliu


Blog Writing, Physics Graduate, Content Creator, English Language, Video Editing

General Introduction

Japanese Culture Enthusiast, Physics Graduate, Content Creator

Author of We Languages School


Albina Mehmeti


Engineering Chemistry Graduate, Video Editing, Blog Writing, Content Creator, English Language

General Introduction

Engineering Chemistry Graduate, Video Editing, Content Creator, Japanese Language Learner

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