Expand the Global Language and Enhance the Local Languages.

Throughout history, languages have competed on a global stage, shaping communication and cultural exchange.

In this context, the 19th century saw the birth of "Esperanto," a language intended to serve as a neutral lingua franca, promoting peace and freedom universally.

As time progressed, English naturally evolved into the de facto global lingua franca.

Founded in April 1996, We Incorporated emerged with the pioneering vision of "World englishes" – an approach recognizing the global diversity of English, beyond its traditional roots.

"World englishes" embraces English as a versatile and culturally respectful language, adaptable to various global perspectives and thoughts.

Our name, "We," is inspired by this concept, symbolizing a commitment to global linguistic unity while respecting cultural diversity.

At We Incorporated, our mission transcends beyond language education. We strive to foster global harmony, recognizing the power of language to connect disparate cultures and ideas.

Our dual purpose is clear: to broaden the scope of global languages and to reinforce the significance of local languages.

"Expand the Global Language and Enhance the Local Languages."

This encapsulates our commitment at We – to bridge linguistic and cultural divides, creating a more interconnected and harmonious global community.

A Journey Through Innovation and Growth

April 1996

The Beginning

We opened its physical school in the vibrant district of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, marking the start of a new era in language education.

January 2001

Technological Advancement

A major leap forward with the launch of a computerized progress management system, revolutionizing how student progress is tracked and managed.

January 2009

Cloud Integration

The introduction of "Welife," a state-of-the-art cloud service, streamlines class management for students, bringing greater efficiency and accessibility.

April 2017

Expanding Horizons

We diversifies its language offerings, launching online English and Japanese Language Courses, breaking barriers in language education.

October 2018

Strategic Partnership

A significant milestone as Hiragana Times Inc. joins the We group as a content partner, enriching our resources and offerings.

April 2020

Global Transition

In response to a changing world, We takes a bold step to offer its language lesson services fully online, embracing a worldwide audience and setting a new standard in global language education.

Central Philosophy

– Our Know-How is to Know Who


“Expand the Global Culture and Enhance Local Cultures.”

We believe that language is culture. While expanding English as a global language, we also want to value the local languages worldwide. We want to contribute to creating a world where people around the world respect and understand each other's differences and value the various indigenous cultures that exist in the world.


“Create the world's one and only language school."

Our philosophy is founded upon student-centered learning. We thoroughly seek to understand the students before us. We provide them with the most necessary content and the most efficient and impressive lessons. We will continue to train our people and develop our systems to achieve this.

10 Core Values

– Be Odd
– Be Real
– Be Honest
– Be Open-minded
– Be Adventurous
– Be Resourceful
– Be Consistent
– Be Authentic
– Be Humble
– Be Happy

We Japanese Language School Business Outline

Company NameWe Incorporated
CEOKoji Taruishi
Business Outline
■ Online Language School
■ Corporate language and intercultural training
Language educational materials, APP/software development
■ Translation and language design service
■ Consultation and support for international and intercultural projects
Corporate NumberT9011001032080
Authorized as a Designated School for tax exemption for the foreign diplomatic mission
EstablishedApril 9, 1996
Affiliates:Hiragana Times Inc., The Association of Super Japanese Coaches, Global Skills