Points Usage Guide

Access any lesson style in any language lesson.
Unlock the world of language with the versatility of the We point system!

Private Lesson
  • 40 minutes Lesson costs 2 points.
Group Lesson
  • 55-minute class costs 1 point.
  • 80-minute class costs 2 points.
Single Session
  • 55~80 minute session costs 0 point~3 points.

Regular Point Packages

10 Points

USD 150
(2 months)

  • Number of lessons: 5~10 Lessons
  • 2 pts / Private or Group Lesson
  • Free Single Sessions
  • Learn All Languages at Once

30 Points

USD 420
(4 months)

  • Number of lessons: 15~30 Lessons
  • 2 pts / Private or Group Lesson
  • Free Single Sessions
  • Learn All Languages at Once

60 Points

USD 760
(8 months)

  • Number of lessons: 30~60 Lessons
  • 2 pts / Private or Group Lesson
  • Free Single Sessions
  • Learn All Languages at Once

Extended Options

Courses of 100 pts or more are also available. If you’re dedicated to deep, long-term study, seeking a more comprehensive plan, or interested in sharing points with family or friends for a shared learning experience, click the link below to explore more.

100 Points

USD 1,200
(12 months)

150 Points

USD 1,700
(18 months)

200 Points

USD 2,000
(24 months)

Collective Learning Package

Duo Course | Tailor-made Semi-Private Lesson

Experience the pinnacle of personalized language learning with our "Duo" course. Designed for pairs - be it friends, colleagues, or loved ones - our Duo course allows for a synergistic study approach. Immerse in a semi-private session tailored to your combined needs, intensifying both your learning journey and interpersonal bond.

Uncover an enriched learning experience with our Duo Course, where two minds collaborate to master the language. As a high-end online language school, we cater to discerning learners who appreciate quality and value relationship-building through shared interests. Our Duo course offers a bespoke syllabus that reflects both participants' unique learning needs, making every lesson a collaborative yet individualized learning endeavor.

10 Points (3 monts)USD 260[ Purchase ]
40 Points (6 monts)USD 940[ Purchase ]
60 Points (9 monts)USD 1,300[ Purchase ]
100 Points (12 monts)USD 1,800[ Purchase ]
150 Points (18 monts)USD 2,900[ Purchase ]
200 Points (24 monts)USD 3,000[ Purchase ]

United Course | Tailor-made Group Lesson

Embark on a collaborative language journey with our "United" course. Suitable for up to four participants, it's an exceptional choice for corporate training or group study among peers. Dive into group dynamics to enhance your learning experience, furthering your language skills while cementing relationships.

Welcome to the United Course, where collective learning translates into personal growth. Ideal for small corporate teams or personal study groups, our United Course encourages interactive and cooperative learning. Experience the luxury of a custom-made group study plan that seamlessly blends the varying learning needs of each participant, providing a balanced, comprehensive study environment. Let's discover the strength in unity in your language journey.

10 Points (3 monts)USD 520[ Purchase]
40 Points (6 monts)USD 1,800[Purchase ]
60 Points (9 monts)USD 2,600[ Purchase ]
100 Points (12 monts)USD 3,000[ Purchase ]
150 Points (18 monts)USD 4,250[ Purchase ]
200 Points (24 monts)USD 5,000[ Purchase ]

Flexible Payment Plans Tailored for Your Language Learning Journey

At 'We Languages,' we believe high-quality language education should be accessible and stress-free. Understanding the diverse financial needs of our global student base, we are proud to offer flexible installment payment plans. This way, we ensure that embarking on your language journey is as manageable and convenient as possible.

Our installment plans are designed to ease the financial commitment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - mastering the language. Whether you're an ambitious professional, an enthusiastic student, or a passionate hobbyist, we're here to support your language learning journey with our flexible payment options.

Explore this page further or contact our dedicated counselors via the contact form to learn more about our installment plans. We are committed to helping you find the optimal financing solution for your unique learning journey, allowing you to delve into the fascinating world of language without any added stress. Remember, at 'We Languages,' your linguistic success is our utmost priority!