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Personalized Corporate Online Italian Language Training

Providing high-quality and industry-specific online Italian language instruction for corporate clients.

  • Customized Training Content:
    We tailor our Italian language training content to align with the unique requirements of your industry and business. Our evaluation criteria are also adjusted to meet your company's specific needs.
  • Dedicated Student Portal:
    We offer an exclusive portal site for our students and your foreign employees to ensure convenience, maintain continuity, and enhance effective learning outcomes.
  • Monitoring Platform for Training Staff:
    As part of our comprehensive service, we provide a monitoring platform for your Italian language training staff, allowing them to monitor and assess the progress of the training at any time. This facilitates a thorough understanding of the student's performance and provides an opportunity to fine-tune the training modules if necessary.

Optimal Online Training Solutions: Effectiveness and Evaluation

As business operations, such as meetings and negotiations, increasingly transition to online platforms, conducting corporate Italian language training in the same digital environment has proven to result in more practical skill acquisition. Many of our client companies, who were once advocates of traditional face-to-face training, have experienced the efficiency and effectiveness of our online methods and have since embraced them as their new standard. Here are some of the primary benefits of our online corporate Italian language training, as reported by our valued clients:

Location Independence:

Our online corporate Italian language training eliminates geographical limitations. Remote employees can easily participate in training, facilitating smooth onboarding and maintaining high attendance throughout the course.

Improved Internal Communication and Cohesion:

Online training offers a unique opportunity for employees from different branches and regions to come together. This approach significantly enhances internal communication and fosters a sense of unity, while also enhancing the quality and efficiency of remote work.

Access to Expert Instruction:

Our online format allows access to specialized instruction from experienced professionals, regardless of their location. This enables us to offer engaging, diverse, and high-quality classes. We take pride in not only sourcing skilled Italian language instructors but also experts with a wide range of experience.

Utilization of Online-Specific Tools:

Maximizing the use of information-sharing tools such as whiteboards, chat, and screen sharing enhances focus and comprehension during lessons. We Italian Training also provides a unique tool, the Learning Management System.

Ease of Lesson Recording:

Our platform enables effortless lesson recording. This feature makes it convenient to review content and catch up on missed lessons, accommodating each employee's learning pace and subsequently leading to overall performance improvement.

At We Languages, we are not just teaching language; we are transforming the way businesses communicate.

Customized Italian Language Training Tailored to Your Company and Industry

Our approach to designing corporate, customized Italian language training is grounded in our firm belief in the power of understanding your organization – We always begin with the 'Know WHO.'

The 'Know WHO' principle is our commitment to creating a Italian language training plan that meets your company's specific needs head-on. We believe a comprehensive understanding of your vision, objectives, and industry nuances is crucial in crafting a language training plan that extends beyond the curriculum and impacts your overall business growth.

To achieve this, we place significant emphasis on the concept of 'WHY.' Guided by the insights we garner, we design a training plan aimed at delivering the maximum possible results. Our process is meticulous which involves a continual cycle of setting goals, deciding training methods, and devising detailed strategies.

Throughout the course, we maintain a vigilant check on progress. If we identify any deviations from the set course, we promptly correct the trajectory, ensuring your training objectives are consistently met. At We Languages, our know-how is not just in knowing languages; it's in knowing who we're teaching. It's in understanding your company, your needs, and how we can best serve them. It's in recognizing that each client is unique, and their language training should be too.

'Who' is our valued client

We conduct thorough interviews to comprehend the context of your company's Italian language training program. As partners in your company's success, we invest time in understanding the market environment that surrounds your business to ensure our contributions are meaningful and impactful.

'What' is the Goal

What is the desired outcome of your training?

We approach all aspects of our training with a goal-oriented mindset. The final objective of the course is defined with utmost clarity, and from there, we work backwards to set distinct targets for the course duration and each lesson. In this process, we also outline the 'ideal Italian language skills' that your foreign employees should attain.

'How' We Get There

How will we approach achieving the goals of this Italian language training program?

Before we design the specific curriculum, we establish the commitment and concept of the entire course, along with the attendance system and rules. We hold discussions with the person in charge of the training program to determine the evaluation criteria and methods that will be used to measure the course outcomes.

Action and Implementation

Once the goals are set, a practical curriculum is shared with the participants to aid them in achieving these goals. Participants will have a clear understanding of the overall course flow, schedule, content, and objectives for each lesson. This curriculum serves as a roadmap guiding students on their journey towards language proficiency.

For instance, We Languages provides the following specialized Italian language training programs:

  • Real Estate:
    We equip our learners with the ability to execute the entire investment property flow in Italian, from negotiating with buyers to signing contracts.
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing:
    Our program includes training in Italian dialogue, including writing business emails in Italian for the sale of CT scanners, MRI machines, endoscopes, and ultrasound diagnostics within Italy.
  • Food Service Industry:
    We train participants in Italian for negotiations with local officials and presentations related to opening new stores in Italy.
  • IT Consulting:
    Our curriculum includes Italian-language translation of requirements from Business Continuity Planning (BCP) formulation to Business Continuity Management (BCM) construction and other risk and crisis management-related matters.
  • Investment Companies:
    Our training encompasses Italian-language dialogue related to financial status, auditing, investor relations, and information collection from rating agencies, among other economy-related topics.

We strive to ensure our language training programs meet the specific industry requirements of your business.

We Provide a Personalized Course Management Site for Each Student

Our students, who are your international employees, will have the privilege of scheduling their own Italian lessons to fit their individual work calendars. Whether in the office or at their remote workspaces, they can access personalized lessons conveniently.

After each lesson, whether it's a group class or a one-on-one session, our instructors will document the day's progress and provide personalized feedback in We Languages' unique lesson record format. These records are promptly updated on the student's dedicated portal site for immediate review.

This system ensures continuous and timely feedback, aiding the learning process and making sure every student can track their own progress and work on areas of improvement. We are committed to creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment for all our students.

We Offer a Dedicated Monitoring Site for Training Personnel

We understand the importance of oversight and tracking in any training process. That's why we provide a portal site exclusively for the personnel in charge of supervising the Italian language training program. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere globally, this site enables managers to monitor key aspects such as attendance rates, lesson content, and return on investment (ROI).

Instructors issue lesson records after each session, which students can review for effective self-evaluation and progress tracking. The monitoring site also allows training personnel to keep track of the status and results of the Italian language lessons for all international employees, ensuring full transparency and effective management.

The system also supports instant calculation of important metrics such as monthly attendance rates, providing an invaluable resource for evaluating the effectiveness of the training program and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

We Customize Evaluation Criteria to Reflect Your Company's Specific Needs

Recognizing that each company operates in a unique industry and environment, we understand that the application and requirements of Italian language skills vary greatly. At We Languages, we don't use a one-size-fits-all evaluation system. Instead, we define the Italian language proficiency that aligns best with your business environment, tailoring our evaluation criteria to the specific usage situations within your company.

Our evaluations don't just measure the improvement of your team's Italian language skills. They also assess the extent to which these improvements meet your specific training objectives. By using customized criteria, we ensure that our training results align closely with your company's strategic needs, enhancing effectiveness and return on your training investment.

Measuring and Reporting Return on Investment in Italian Language Training

Understanding the value derived from your investment in Italian language training is essential. At We Languages, we go beyond mere course completion certificates. During our Evaluation Sessions, we assess individual progress since the start of the course in 3 areas and 12 items, guided by our unique Language-Diamond Theory.

These evaluations allow us to effectively visualize the growth and transformation of your employees' Italian language capabilities. But we don't stop there. We also compile a comprehensive report detailing the overall performance of the training program, including a concrete assessment of your return on investment.

We are committed to transparency and accountability in delivering value from our corporate Italian language training. With these thorough evaluations and reports, you'll have a clear understanding of the direct impact our training has on your employees and your

Language SkillsLanguage ElementsLanguage Core

Success Stories / Case Studies of We Languages Corporate Italian Training

Tech Companies

Training Objective: This tech company sought to alleviate its employees' anxiety surrounding internal meetings and communication. The aim was to improve everyday Italian language proficiency, encompassing survival Italian, colleague communication, and more.
Results: Through our tailored Italian training program, the employees have reported a significant increase in confidence when participating in internal meetings and day-to-day communication. They've seen a substantial improvement in their survival Italian skills, enabling more productive and meaningful engagements within the workplace.
Course format: Group lessons
Number of people: 5 students in each class x 10 classes
Schedule: Once a week, 85 minutes per lesson for four months
Training Objective: The goal was to equip employees with the ability to comprehend clients' requests and opinions, fostering a work environment where external Italian assistance is less necessary.
Results: Post-training, employees demonstrated a marked improvement in their listening and comprehension skills. The need for external language support was significantly reduced, leading to more efficient client interactions and bolstering the company's service delivery capabilities.
Course format: Private lessons
Number of people: 100
Schedule: Free booking, 40 minutes per lesson for 150 lessons

Pharmaceutical Companies

Training Objective: This company wanted their employees to understand meeting content, learn how to articulate opinions, use specific terminology within and outside the company, and gain knowledge about corporate culture and Italian culture.
Results: Our custom Italian language training course succeeded in empowering employees to participate fully in meetings. Their ability to express opinions has improved remarkably. They are now more versed in using industry-specific terms and understanding both the company's corporate culture and broader Italian culture. This enhancement in their skills has ultimately led to a more inclusive and knowledgeable work environment.
Course format: Private lessons (for executives)
Number of people: 4
Schedule: 1-2 times per week, 60 minutes per 1 lesson for two years

Indeed, We Languages takes immense pride in our rich history of successful corporate Italian training programs. From startups to multinational corporations, our tailored language courses have empowered diverse teams across industries to enhance their Italian proficiency, fostering stronger communication and improved business performance.

Our accomplishments are a testament to our commitment to delivering effective and industry-specific Italian language training designed to meet the unique needs of each organization. We take the time to understand the "Who, Why, What, and How" of your company, allowing us to deliver a training program that directly contributes to your business objectives and growth.

We invite you to join our esteemed group of satisfied clients and experience the transformative power of our corporate Italian language training. With We Languages, your company's journey towards improved Italian communication starts here.

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