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We Japanese Learning Methods

Private lesson: one on one lesson as online learning

Private Lesson

One-on-One Attention
  • 1 Lesson / 40 min
  • Adaptability in Content to Your Pace and Preference
  • Simplified Booking for Your Convenience
  • Pure Focus: Just You, Your Coach, and the Language
Group lesson: learning with classmate

Group Lesson

Collaborative Learning
  • 1 Lesson / 80 min
  • Curriculums Refined for Collective Learning
  • Steady Learning Schedule Without Repeated Booking
  • Enrich Your Knowledge Through Peer Interactions
single session; online we single session.

Special Session

Immersive Experiences
  • 1 Session / 60 - 80 min
  • Deep-dive into Topics on Japanese Culture, History, and Current Trends
  • Network with a Global Community, Including Japanese Peers Learning Other Languages
  • Harness the Wisdom of Rotating Coaches and Complimentary 'Dojo' Practice Sessions

Embrace the freedom of weaving through One-on-One Attention, Collaborative Learning, and Immersive Experiences. Seamlessly transition between lesson formats to ensure a well-rounded learning journey.

The Essence of We Language Learning.

Student-Centered Approach

We "Metrix" System. Student centered.

An Innovative Platform for Designing "Your Japanese"

We Languages has been "student-centered" since its inception. This commitment has led us to create our unique "Metrix" method. This method has enabled us to make language learning a teaching tool for life scenarios and themes, including the learner's own life. Our ultimate goal is for students to be able to express themselves confidently in their chosen language of learning.

Language and Culture: Intertwined and Indivisible

Embrace Your "JapaNEEDS"®

JapaNEEDs: online Japanese language

Customized Learning, Just for You

We start by identifying your unique "JapaNEEDS" through our specialized Metrix method. Rather than making you adjust to a standard textbook, we mold the curriculum around you. Lessons are enriched with real-life examples from your world, ensuring immediate relevance and application. By personalizing content, we foster deeper comprehension and create lasting knowledge.

Delve into Genuine "JAPANese"

Online Japanese learning: JAPANese. Learn Japanese culture

Language: Beyond More Words

True mastery involves not only functional knowledge of a language but also an appreciation of its intricate nuances and underlying charm.

Language isn't just a means to an end; it's a dynamic, evolving medium of expression. With We, embracing a language signifies uncovering an expanded version of oneself.

Truly internalizing a language is akin to crafting a fresh identity.
we concept: learn Japanese online. Interest and culture.

The richness of language learning multiplies when one immerses in both its sounds and the culture that birthed it. This immersion paves the way for genuine intercultural communication.

We Language Theory: "The Language Diamond"

We Language Structure

Language Skills

Output:Speaking and Listening
Input:Reading and Writing

Language Elements

Textual:Vocabulary and Grammar
Aural:Pronunciation and Flow

Language Core

Expression:Opinions and Emotions
Reasoning:Facts and Values

We customize language instruction for each student, utilizing our innovative Language Diamond Theory as a foundational framework.

Crafting Your Unique "JapaNEEDS®"

At We Languages, our mission is to mold "Independent Learners" capable of sustained progress.
Each student is empowered to envision and embrace their distinct version of the Japanese language. To facilitate this, we employ our bespoke linguistic model, the "Language Diamond."

We diamond theory: languages skills, elements, and cores

Every learner's journey with us commences with an Initial Evaluation structured around the "Language Diamond" framework. Through this evaluation, we pinpoint your linguistic strengths and areas for improvement. With this insight, we chart a tailored roadmap to guide you to your envisioned proficiency in the most efficient manner.

learn Japanese Personal plan

Productive Lesson Formats for Effective Learning

The WWW Approach


Go Over Homeworks
<To get ready for Results>


<To produce Results>


<To retain Results>
Extracting Value from Every Minute Spent
learn Japanese: WWW approach

Unlock the true potential of your language learning journey with 'We Languages', the premier online Japanese language school committed to your advancement. Our lessons revolve around the 'WWW Method' to guarantee that every moment is a step towards tangible progress. The 'Warm-Up' phase jumpstarts your language mechanisms, priming you for what lies ahead. During 'Work-Up,' we delve into understanding and practicing the content, ensuring you grasp the day's objectives. Finally, 'Wrap-Up' is our moment to commend your progress, enhancing your self-assurance and eagerness to learn. Opt for 'We Languages' and embrace an unparalleled, outcome-focused method that distinctly elevates us in the realm of online Japanese language training.

Assess Your Understanding of Japanese Culture and Language Through J-CLUE

J-CLUE [JAPANese Culture and Language Understanding Evaluation]

learn Japanese: Fuji with autumn leave

Enhance your understanding of the Japanese language and culture with our 'J-CLUE' (JAPANese Culture and Language Understanding Evaluation) at 'We Languages'.

Our exclusive assessment tool, J-CLUE, gauges your current knowledge of the Japanese language, culture, and societal nuances relevant to living and working in Japan.

It's a valuable asset for companies seeking to assess their employees' understanding. By taking the J-CLUE test before commencing your Japanese language studies, you can tailor your learning journey for maximum efficiency and impactful results.

Discover a more effective path to mastering Japanese with 'We Languages', the Japanese online school setting the bar for quality education.

Try the sample test: Questions are divided into five sections. In total, there are 100 questions (20 for each section)

Evaluation 5kyu / 50correct answers~ 4kyu / 60correct answers~ 3kyu / 70correct answers~ 2kyu / 80correct answers 1kyu / 90correct answers ~

Our content partner

Hiragana Times: Amplifying Our Synergy

Elevate your language acquisition journey with We Languages, your premier online Japanese language school, now synergized with the unique offerings of our content partner, 'Hiragana Times.' This renowned bilingual magazine allows you to delve deeper into Japanese culture while honing your language skills. Japanese paragraphs are mirrored with English translations and kanji annotations with furigana for a seamless learning experience. Moreover, the magazine's audio content, professionally narrated in English and Japanese, offers a balanced audio-visual learning atmosphere. Here at We Languages, we harness the full potential of 'Hiragana Times' to ensure your Japanese language and cultural immersion goes beyond the conventional, distinguishing us as a high-end online language school.

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