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Central to the "We System" is our unwavering commitment to customization. We believe every student embarks on a unique learning voyage, and our Metrix chart is designed precisely for that. Modeled after a mandala — emblematic of unity and completeness — this chart portrays your entire learning cosmos. The We Experience encourages you to integrate both linguistic and cultural milestones into this mandala, weaving an intricate tapestry of language and culture.


Every lesson shapes your linguistic growth, charted meticulously on your Metrix — our Mandala of Learning. As each class unfolds, your aspired language proficiency takes form. What sets We apart is our coaches, each attuned to your distinct learning trajectory. Before diving into the lesson, you'll communicate with your coach via PPM (Pre-Production Messaging), ensuring a productive and enriching session. Revel in the continuous enhancement of your Metrix with each enlightening class.


At We, we emphasize visualizing tangible progress after every session, presenting the fruits of each lesson clearly. Your achievements are systematically cataloged in Metrix, offering students a swift overview of their advancements. There's an unparalleled motivation surge when progress is transparent and discernible. Moreover, every lesson's record is safely archived in our portal. Key phrases spotlighted during your sessions are also collated, empowering students to compile their personalized "My Dictionary".

The system constantly propels your progress.

Our unique platform, "WeLife," empowers you to tailor your Japanese learning experience. Book personal lessons with an apt coach to tailor your Japanese, enroll in group sessions, and maintain a comprehensive record of your Japanese learning journey. Coaches conduct lessons based on your individual blueprint and progress record and ensemble continuity, even when switching around coaches. We strive to expedite your journey toward Japanese proficiency in the most efficient way possible.

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