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Learn Japanese | Coach: Unified Coaching Excellence: PJJC

Unified Coaching Excellence

At We, our commitment is unmatched. Our coaches aren’t simply registered professionals; they are experts handpicked for specialized training. This commitment is brought to life through our unique PJC (Personalized JapaNEEDS® Coach) method, ensuring every student receives a tailored learning experience. Thanks to our shared training philosophy, consistency and top-tier coaching shine through, irrespective of the instructor chosen.

Learn Japanese | Coach: Holistic Multilingual Instruction

Holistic Multilingual Instruction

Diverse linguistic backgrounds are at the core of We's coaching approach. While many of our coaches are native Japanese, we proudly boast instructors from a myriad of nationalities. Prioritizing fluency in various languages allows us to cater to multiple "mother tongues" while English remains a central instructional medium. Such an approach, rooted in understanding each learner's cultural and linguistic backdrop, enhances learning depth and efficiency. With English interlacing seamlessly with other languages, every class becomes an enriched learning tapestry.

Learn Japanese | Coach: Progress Mapped After Every Step

Progress Mapped After Every Step

At We, every lesson is a stride towards evident advancement. With precision, we document each session, offering students a lucid progress trajectory. This meticulousness aids in tracking development and ensures fluid collaboration among coaches. As students transition between instructors, there's a seamless continuation, with each coach being fully aligned with the learner's journey, ensuring consistent growth and understanding.

Our Representative Coaches.

Academic Director

Coach Mayumi Ito: Lead coach at We Languages
Mayumi Ito

"Excellence in Japanese Language Coaching

At We Japanese Language School, we blend the expertise of professional Japanese language coaches with our innovative PJC (Personalized JapaNEEDS® Coach) method. Our coaches are more than just native speakers; they are carefully selected experts with a deep understanding of Japanese grammar, linguistic nuances, and the cultural and historical context of the language. Each coach brings a wealth of life and teaching experiences, constantly refining their skills to provide top-tier education.

We're committed to delivering a tailored learning experience that recognizes your unique needs in today's global era. Our team's shared philosophy and rigorous training ensure every student benefits from personalized, effective lessons. We cherish the trust you place in us and are dedicated to your success in mastering Japanese. Our approach is not just about teaching a language but empowering you with skills to navigate a global landscape, continuously enhancing our methods to meet your evolving aspirations."

Lead Coach

Lead coach: Yukari Iiloka. Lead coach at We Languages
Yukari Iioka

With a rich teaching journey spanning over 25 years, Yukari Iioka has enriched the lives of countless students across all age groups. Her recognition as an ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) tester is a testament to her prowess. Her hallmark? Turning lessons into joyful experiences. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in not just imparting language skills but also igniting a perpetual passion for Japanese language and culture in her students.

Lead coach: Jotaro Yamaguchi. Lead coach at We Languages
Jotaro Yamaguchi

With a vast reservoir of work experience, Jotaro Yamaguchi stands out as a maestro in imparting practical Japanese for business contexts. Renowned for his pedagogical expertise and exceptional writing finesse, he offers students the clarity and precision they seek in understanding grammar and vocabulary nuances. His specializations span daily conversations to intricate business Japanese.

Lead coach: Rie Yamana. Lead coach at We Languages
Rie Yamana

A globe-trotter with stints in the U.S., Hong Kong, and New Zealand, Rie Yamana possesses a deep-seated passion for imbibing diverse cultures and traditions. Driven by her insights into the challenges foreigners face in Japan, she endeavors to elevate their experience. Through her engaging teaching methods, she introduces the Japanese language and its rich tapestry of culture, making the learning journey a delightful exploration.

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Through our student portal, Welife, students can access in-depth profiles of all our coaches. This enables them to find a coach who matches their learning needs and shares similar interests, creating a more tailored and engaging learning journey.

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