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Gender Equality | 「ジェンダー平等」の基準




English 日本語 English Example Sentence 日本語の例文
Result 結果 As a result, we play ball inside on rainy days. 結果、雨の日は部屋の中でボール遊びをしています。
Socially 社会的に A coffee shop where people could meet socially. 人と人が社交的に出会える喫茶店。
Oppress 虐げる The dictator oppresses the people. 独裁者は人々を虐げた。
Particularly 特に I love music, particularly (especially) rock. 私は音楽特にロックが大好きだ。
Economy 経済 The U.S. is a service economy. アメリカはサービス経済の国だ。
Politics 政治 I suggest we discuss politics. 政治について討論しよう。
Functions 機能 Its mechanism will cease to work. その機能は働かなくなるだろう。
Value 価値観 I would like to emphasize the Confucian values that exist within this group. このクループに存在する儒教的価値観を強調したい。
Natural 当然 It is perfectly natural for him to be proud of his son. 彼が息子の自慢をするのは当然だ。


2022 年度の「ジェンダー・ギャップ指数」の調査で、 日本は 146 カ国中116 位に。

In the 2022 Gender Gap Index survey, Japan ranked 116th out of 146 countries.

日本は 女性の地位が社会的に低い国であることを世界に知らしめる結果となりました。

This result shows the world that Japan is a country where the status of women is socially low.

しかし、 日本の女性が、相対的に見て虐げられているかというと、意見はまた違ってくるでしょう。

However, the opinion would be different if one were to ask whether, in relative terms, Japanese women are oppressed.

「女性に生まれてよかった」「子は女の子が欲しい」と考える日本人女性は多いという調査結果はたくさん あります。

Many surveys show that many Japanese women are “glad to be born female” and “want to have a girl as a child.”

経済と政治の2に分野で特に低いとされる日本のジェンダー・ギャップ指数ですが、教育では 1 位、 健康でも上位にあります。

Although Japanʼs gender gap index is considered particularly low in two areas, economy and politics, it ranks first in education and is also high in health.

日本では 平安時代(8〜12 世紀)に女性作家が活躍していました 。

In Japan, female authors were active in the Heian period (8th to 12th century).

世界最古の長編小説と言われる「源氏物語」の 作者、 紫式部、日本三大随筆の 一つ「 枕草子」の作者である清少納言などです。

They include Japanese authors Murasaki Shikibu of “The Tale of Genji,” said to be the world's oldest full length novel, and Sei Shonagon of “The Pillow Book,” one of Japan's three greatest literary treatises.


In recent years, there has been a worldwide movement toward "gender neutrality," such as not including gender on resumes.


In Japan, there is a case that should be considered a pioneer. KI no Tsurayuki, a male poet of the Heian period, wrote “The Tosa Diary” as if he were a woman.


A recent study has made it clear that both men and women share the same functions in the brain.

ジェンダー平等は男女の役割分担や価値観なども考慮して評価すべきとの意見もありますが、平等は人間の 当然のあり方です。

Some people may argue that it is important to consider values and other factors, such as gender roles, when discussing gender equality, but all human beings are naturally equal.




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