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It’s beyond doubt that you might have heard the word “Dojo(道場)” at least once before or had the chance to visit one. Have you ever wondered if Dojo, being the training hall for martial arts, is the only meaning behind it?

We are here today to let you know that there is a hidden message behind it and its usage.

Can you learn Japanese at a ‘Dojo’? Can you turn your room into a 'Dojo'?
Keep reading to learn all about it and receive answers to your questions!

What is a Dojo (道場)?

The Dōjō (道場) is traditionally a hall or place where martial arts are practiced. The term is of Japanese origin, with the “Do- 道” meaning “The path/way of” and the “Jo-場” is significant for “a castle or simply a place”, which altogether can be translated to “The place of the way”.

Apart from the key definition of it being related to martial arts, it is moreover known as a place of immersive meditation and learning. Dojo is considered a safe spot to study, practice, and chase the path of self-realization.
Whether you consider it as a practicing hall for martial arts or a center of enlightenment, the utmost motive is to reach the highest point of spiritual serenity.

Have you ever been to a Dojo before? For what purpose would you use it?

You may be relieved to know that you do not need to travel to Japan to find one. Instead, you can easily turn your room into your personalized Dojo. Surely, transforming a room into one will help you use it as an individual space to achieve your best self.

Would you consider creating your own Dojo someday? Let us know your ideas!

What is a Dojo at We Languages?

We understand that the route of learning Japanese is a long and sometimes very difficult one, hence the reason for creating very fun and thematic Dojo sessions.
We strive to obtain a Dojo environment where instead of practicing martial arts, we call it “a place to use Japanese”!

Certified coaches at We Languages designed the series of specialized Dojo lessons to encourage students to use the language while learning interesting facts and myths about Japanese culture. 

We offer three bilingual online Dojo sessions per month completely free of charge, exclusively only for We Languages students.

Our coaches prepare a new topic for discussion and classroom activities each week.
From these unique sessions, you will thoroughly benefit from the insights of our native coaches on Japanese culture. You will have the opportunity to discuss extensively very interesting Japanese cultural topics such as: Sado- the way of the tea , your favorite anime, tips for successful Job Interview in Japan and much more!

But don’t just take our word for it; consider reading the genuine story of our student expressing the importance and experience with our Dojo sessions.

It is time for you to choose the next topic of your choice. Learn Japanese with no stress from textbooks and achieve your learning goals with We! See you in the Dojo!

What are the upcoming session topics?

With a new thematic topic every week, you will surely achieve a top-level knowledge of Japanese culture.

Now you can enjoy our newest upcoming Dojo sessions to complete your Japanese language learning journey, the topics are:

  • Enjoy "Sado", a Japanese Tea ceremony - Week of November 22.
    - Discover all the secrets of Sadō (茶道), the Japanese tea ceremony!
  •  JLPT this Sunday: Are YOU ready? - Week of November 28.
    -This year's JLPT is due soon. How about a final check to boost your confidence for the exam? Discuss the last questions you may have with a professional coach (all levels)

If you are already a We Languages student, please use “My Classroom” to book your Dojo sessions of the month.
But If you are not yet a We Languages student, worry less! You can contact our team to win your free Dojo sessions right away.     

Author: Valentina (from Gjilan, Kosovo)

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