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To get funnier and funnier

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
面白さおもしろさ fun 「じわる」は面白さを表現する言葉の一つです。
"Jiwaru" (To get funnier and funnier) is one of the words used to express a sense of fun.
じわじわじわじわ slowly, gradually 面白さが後からじわじわと込み上げてくる様子を表します。
This expression "Jiwaru" (To get funnier and funnier) represents the state where the fun slowly comes afterwards.
元々もともと originally 元々は「じわじわとくる」という言葉でした。
Originally, it was the phrase "jiwa jiwa to kuru”.
省略 しょうりゃく abbreviation 「じわじわとくる」を省略、動詞化したものが「じわる」です。
The word "Jiwaru" (To get funnier and funnier) is derived from the phrase "jiwa jiwa to kuru”, which was shortened and turned into a verb.
一般的 いっぱんてき general 今ではインターネット上だけではなく、一般的にも使われています。
It is now used not only on the internet but also in general.

Mini Lesson: onomatopoeia

Do you know any Japanese onomatopoeia?

Actually, Japanese has a wide variety of onomatopoeic expressions. So today, let's learn some of them to express your feelings!

Japanese English
ワクワク a feeling of excitement or anticipation
そわそわ a restless or fidgety feeling
イライラ a feeling of frustration, annoyance, or irritation
ドキドキ a feeling of excitement, nervousness, or anticipation that makes your heart beat faster
ハラハラ a feeling of anxiety, nervousness, or suspense that makes your heart beat faster

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It means that the fun slowly comes afterwards.


Originally, it was “jiwa jiwa to kuru,” but it was abbreviated and became a verb.


The word was used on the Internet and has come into general use.


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