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Traditional Arts: Kintsugi [Dec. 27th Wed.]

Online Open Campus: Embracing the Art of Kintsugi - A Golden Joinery Reviving Life. Witness the beauty of resilience and renewal through the ancient Japanese art form.
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Lesson Introduction: Bridging Tradition and Global Impact of Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique for restoring broken vessels. Imagine a cherished teacup with a crack or a bowl with a chip; instead of discarding them, the Japanese art of Kintsugi turns these flaws into features.

The Origins of Kintsugi:

Kintsugi utilizes lacquer for bonding and gold powder for embellishment. It originated in the Muromachi period, between the 14th and 16th centuries, influenced by the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony was not just about enjoying tea. It was a ritual that celebrated the beauty of tea utensils. These items were significant to privileged classes like court nobles and samurai, often given as rewards. Yet, with their functional nature, breakage was a constant risk, giving rise to the need for Kintsugi.

Crafting Beauty Through Repair:

In the art of Kintsugi, fractures and chips are meticulously joined using lacquer. It's a meticulous process of layering, removing excess, and reapplying lacquer to enhance strength and water resistance. The mended item then patiently dries on a special shelf, called a "muro."

Online Open Campus: Experience the Elegance of Kintsugi - Artistic Restoration in Golden Joinery. Discover the transformative beauty of embracing imperfections and renewing life.

The muro, made of cedar or cypress, controls humidity and temperature, allowing the lacquer to gradually dry and solidify. Once the foundational phase is complete, the decorative process, "kinmaki," begins. Gold powder is meticulously applied, and another layer of lacquer is added, enhancing its beauty. The lacquer gains transparency over time, achieving its most exquisite state about 50 years later.

Global Influence:

Now we're getting to the global influence of Kintsugi. In a world where it's often easier to replace than repair, Kintsugi is gaining recognition worldwide. Its bold display of gold and silver lines has found its way into movies, music, fashion, and even the speeches of global leaders.

The traditional Japanese techniques of connecting the life:
Online Open Campus: Unveiling the Resilient Beauty of Kintsugi - A Golden Joinery Reviving Life. Explore the art of embracing imperfections and transforming challenges into timeless elegance.

The traditional Japanese techniques of restoring vessels, filled with memories, not only connect lives contained in objects but also seem to have a profound effect on healing the hearts of many people around the world.

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