Learning Japanese Online: explore why learning it online is the best way!

Learning the Japanese language is a rich, exciting process full of growth and development for the student and teacher alike. Anyone interested in culture, language, and learning new things knows how much a student can gain by starting to learn a new language. In this article, we are going to look at why learning Japanese online is as beneficial online as it is in person. In the past year and a half, many of us have changed the way we go about our daily lives, from working, interacting with friends to studying. A lot of it has been online. It has become the new normal.

So it’s important to dig a little deeper and explore why online learning can enrich your life. Especially, why learning Japanese online can bring benefits to you, wherever you are in the world.

The Advantages of Learning Japanese Online: No Limits To Learning

Speaking of benefits, we can start on why learning Japanese online is so valuable. There are no limits. Whatever country you call home (as long as you have access to the internet) then language learning is available for you. Time zones and geographical borders no longer hold the same limits as they used to. Online learning allows students and coaches to connect in new and exciting ways.

A study from Best Colleges explored the benefits of online education with students worldwide. It found that levels of student satisfaction were extraordinarily high when it came to online and remote learning. 95% of students said they would recommend learning online to others and 93% said they had had a positive learning experience online.

This study also explored online education trends. As a result, 74% of participants felt this method of learning was more beneficial or of the same benefit to in-person learning.

Retain More

Learning Japanese online is also beneficial for students because of how it can help with knowledge retention. Learning in a face-to-face environment has its advantages. But, often, there are many distractions and it can be hard to focus on the information in front of you.

Statistics by The Research Institute of America found that learning online can boost the amount of information retained by the student. The percentage goes from between 25% and 60% when compared to face-to-face learning programs. These high percentages related to students feeling more in charge of their learning process when learning online, as opposed to when in a formal classroom set up in person.

Participants reported that they felt happier to learn online because of the ease it derives. Students can always take another look at the information, in their own time, if required. 

The study contrasted this feedback about e-learning knowledge retention rates with a very low reported retention rate of face-to-face learning. Only 8% to 10% reported good rates of remembering content and information when face to face.

Research has also shown that students learning their topic of study online consume 20% more content for every hour they spend training.

The Advantages of Learning Japanese Online: No Limits To Learning

Boost performance

As well as being a great opportunity to retain more information, online language learning is a way to improve your performance. With improved language retention, you will be able to take your Japanese skills from the online classroom space into real-life situations. It's quicker and more efficient. 
A study from the USA Department of Education stated that students who took the entirety of their learning online “performed better” than those completing their studies in person.

Develop as an Individual AND Remain Present in Your Daily Life

Working from home is a new experience for many of us that has become the norm over the last year and a half. Although it may have come with challenges, it has many benefits. 

Homeworking has removed the daily commute and the stresses of ‘office life ’. This may have allowed you to reflect on your hopes and aspirations. It gave you time to think about things you’d like to introduce into your life.

Language learning is definitely one of the me-time experiences many have begun. It can be easily slotted into your life in place of the daily commute or the lunch break. Learning online can fit into a space in your life that was taken up with something you now don’t have to do. How exciting is this! More time for you!

This process of incorporating learning into your life in a way that suits you opens up many doors. It means you can learn ‘on the go’ - whether that means in the car, on holiday, before breakfast, after dinner... The opportunities are endless.

This online language learningyou time’ is the perfect way to aid your personal development, progression, and growth. Learning a language is a beautiful way to expand your skillset, knowledge and understand a new culture. You don’t need to relocate to ensure your future development. In fact, you can live your life and incorporate this method of learning along the way. If you have a busy schedule (a full-time job, family commitments, university study) then learning online is a great way to invest in yourself while ensuring you can fulfill your everyday commitments.

More personalized - your way, your pace

Another benefit of Japanese language learning online is how you can learn on your own. You can personalize the process.

Accounting giant KPMG tweeted that their employees felt learning online was a great opportunity to set their own ‘individual learning pace’ and that they loved there was ‘no traveling’ involved.

LinkedIn has also spoken out about how 58% of their employees would prefer to undertake self-paced learning rather than rigid, structured learning lessons. This capacity for personalization and customization is something that We Languages do extremely well. Working with a councilor and getting to know students' preferences for learning Japanese is a key part of the process here. It allows the learners to take the steering wheel within their own learning journey.

More and More People Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese language online

Learning Japanese online allows you to grow as an individual. It's a new language deeply rooted in beautiful historic, cultural and spiritual lineages. Even so, it remains present in your day-to-day life. 

It is an exciting time to learn Japanese online. A study from Statista showed that 2.6% of internet users are learning the language. The study explored the most common languages learned online. Japanese is featured, ranking higher than German and Russian in the survey.

It is encouraging to see the number of new adults learning a new language growing. This recognition of the benefits of language learning is being noted within the adult global population. According to studies by Pew Research, it is more common for European students to be ahead of the curve in foreign language learning when compared with those in the USA.

It can also be interesting to explore the different age groups who are more likely to learn online. Another Statista study into British online learners found that 46% of 16-24-year-olds were beginning online learning. Only 5% of individuals were over 65.

Curiously, 25% of the British men asked were learning online, compared to 18% of women respondents. These trends are interesting to explore to better understand who online learning resonates with the most.

Value for money - worth the cost

Another interesting point about online learning research is the value for money.

Research conducted by Learning House, in Canada, showed that 86% of students were satisfied with what they paid for and what they learned. They felt that the amount that they got back from completing their studies online, equaled or exceeded the monetary value they paid for it.

This was an unexpected point of view because money isn’t something commonly spoken of. We can become too focused on the dollar signs to recognize the value of the information we will receive and how it can transform our lives.

Learning online can be a cheaper alternative to in-person lessons. However, it is still an investment. Yet it is a valuable way to expand your skillset whilst investing in your own personal growth. Money is just money. Learning and knowledge are invaluable.

Globalization and Digitisation

I don’t think anyone could have fully grasped how much our lives would be shaped by the internet and mobile devices when they were introduced.

If you have your phone and access to the internet there are literally no barriers - to anything. Especially to language learning. Statista data found that 20% of American students use only their phones or tablets to undertake all their online studying. Information from Taylor and Francis also found that over 30% of American students enroll in at least one online course. This high percentage of people learning online, and using mobile devices, illustrates the ease of enrollment for learners all over the world.

More Benefits from Learning Languages Online: Good for the Environment!

Learning online is also great for the environment. As we have mentioned, there is no daily commute and this can be a huge benefit for the collective community. If you are environmentally conscious then this is another huge plus to learning the Japanese language online. 

The UK Open University conducted a study that found that each student who takes an online course uses 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions than those taking in-person lessons.

Learn Japanese Online with WE

We work with many students worldwide who are passionate about learning Japanese. Students from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and many Asian countries form part of the We Languages family.

Learning Japanese online with WE Languages allows you to work with a coach who helps you at the level you are at in the here and now, with a tailored course and content that relates to you and your life.

Author: Alison, WEs English coach and feature writer

About Alison

Alison has an Education Studies and English Literature BA Honours, a Masters in Journalism, a yoga and pilates teacher certification and is an experienced copywriter and journalist.

She has worked with adults and children internationally as a teacher and a community educator and now works with them in the UK as part of her social enterprise aiding individual’s holistic development.

With a passion for education, language, culture and travel Alison is preparing to relocate to Japan later this year to teach within the public school as an Assistant Language Teacher.

She is excited to be on the WE team and looks forward to sharing perspective, information and learnings over on the blog, whilst developing herself by learning more about Japanese life language and culture.

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