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Frog phenomenon / ICK

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Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
好意こうい affection 「蛙化現象」では、相手からの好意を受け取った瞬間に嫌悪感や拒絶感が湧き上がることがあります。
In the context of "Kaeruka genshou"(Frog phenomenon), there are moments when a sense of disgust or rejection arises as soon as you receive interest or affection from someone.
現象げんしょう phenomenon この現象が起きると、今まで好きだった相手でも嫌いになってしまいます。
When this phenomenon occurs, even someone you used to like can become someone you dislike.
言動げんどう words or actions 相手のちょっとした言動で、「蛙化現象」が起こることがあります。
The phenomenon of "Kaeruka genshou" can occur due to minor words or actions from the other person.
心理学 しんりがく psychology 元々心理学の専門用語でしたが、今ではその使い方が広がって一般的にも使われています。
Originally a specialized term in psychology, It is now commonly used as its usage has expanded.

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蛙化現象・Kaeruka genshou

This is the phenomenon of disliking someone you like as soon as you find out he or she likes you.


This word is also utilized when you start disliking someone due to their small words or actions.


Although it is a term used in psychology, its usage has expanded.


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