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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
優位ゆうい superiority 「マウントをとる」ことは、自分が優位に立つことを目的としています。
The phrase "maunto wo toru" (mounting) refers to the act of trying to establish oneself as superior or dominant over someone else.
行動こうどう action 相手を見下すような行動をとります。
They take actions with an attitude of looking down on others.
高圧的こうあつてき high-pressure 高圧的に振る舞うことで、優位にあることをアピールします。
By behaving in a high-pressure manner, one tries to assert their superiority
格闘技 かくとうぎ martial arts この言葉は、格闘技で使われる「マウントポジション」という用語から生まれました。
This term originated from the martial arts term "mount position."

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マウントをとる・Maunto wo toru

It is the act of showing others that you are superior to them.


It refers to an attitude of acting in a high pressure manner or looking down on another person.


It is derived from the “mount position” used in martial arts.


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