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A girl taking a Sauna, new buzzword
A girl taking a bath after sauna, new buzzword
A Japanese boy taking a break from Sauna ready to repeat, new buzzword


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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
調和ちょうわ harmony 「ととのう」は調和がとれた状態のことをいいます。
"Totonoau"(revitalize) refers to a state of harmony and balance.
愛好家あいこうか enthusiast 最近ではサウナ愛好家がよく使っています。
In recent years, sauna enthusiasts have been using it frequently.
休憩きゅうけい break サウナ愛好家は、サウナ、水風呂、休憩を繰り返します。
Sauna enthusiasts cycle through the sauna, cold-water bath, and breaks.
快適な かいてきな comfortable 繰り返すことで、快適な状態を感じることができます。
You can feel comfortable by repeating the cycle.
幸福感 こうふくかん a feeling of happiness セロトニンが脳内から分泌され、幸福感を味わうことができます。
Serotonin is secreted in the brain, allowing you to experience a sense of happiness.

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It is a state of undisturbed harmony, and is often used by sauna enthusiasts in the recent sauna boom.


It is a comfortable state felt by repeatedly taking a sauna, a water bath, and multiple breaks.


Substances such as serotonin are released from the brain, creating a trance-like state of tranquility.


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