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xx cute

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
可愛さかわいさ cuteness 「〇〇かわ」はかわいさのバリエーションを表すために使われます。
The term “xx kawa” is used to represent variations of cuteness.
若者わかもの young people 主に若者の間で使われます。
It is mainly used among young people.
言葉ことば word, language 「ゆめかわ」や「グロかわ」などの言葉があります。
“xx cute” has words like “yumekawa” and “gurokawa”.
夢のよう ゆめのよう like a dream 「ゆめかわ」は夢のようなかわいさを表現しています。
“Yumekawa” expresses a dream-like cuteness.
用途 ようと use グロテスクなものにも使われるなど、「〇〇かわ」には様々な用途があります。
There are various uses for “xx cute”, including for grotesque things.

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〇〇かわ・xx kawa

It is a young people’s word that describes variations of cuteness.


There are many variations, such as “yume kawa” which stands for dreamy, fairy-tale-like cuteness.


It is also used sometimes for grotesque things, and its usage is expanding.


Variations of cuteness

Japanese Word English Word
ゆめかわ dreamy, fairy-tale-like cuteness
グロかわ grotesque, but cute
キモかわ ugly/gross but cute

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