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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
公開 こうかい Release 「すずめの戸締まり」というアニメ映画が公開されました。
The animated film “Suzume no Tojimari” was just released.
話題 わだい Topic 公開されるとすぐに話題になりました。
It immediately became a hot topic as soon as it was released.
アニメーション アニメーション Animation この映画はダイナミックなアニメーションで、美しい日本の環境を見事に表現しています。
This film has dynamic animation and captures beautifully the Japanese environment.
じく Center, core 新海作品は、日本の文化や風土をに展開されています。
Shinkai's works revolve around the culture and environment of Japan.
珍しい めずらしい Rare 主人公は、岩戸鈴芽という珍しい名前の少女です。
The main character is a girl with the unusual name of Iwato Suzume.
日本神話 にほんしんわ Japanese mythology 映画の主人公は、日本神話に登場する歌と踊りの神様にちなんで名付けられています。
The main character in the movie was named after the the god of song and dance, from the Japanese mythology.
女神 めがみ Goddess 神話によれば、女神アマテラスは岩の中に閉じこもり、世界を完全に暗闇にしたとされています。
According to the myth, the goddess Amaterasu shut herself in a cave making the world completely dark.
再び ふたたび Again 女神は踊りに誘い出され、世界は再び光を取り戻した取り戻した。
The goddess was lured out to dance, and the world regained its light once again.
地震 じしん Earthquake 本作では地震が扱われており、2011年に起きた東日本大震災の大惨事に対する監督の心情が反映されていると考えられます。
In this work, earthquakes are depicted, and the director's feelings towards the devastating the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011 may be reflected.
解釈 かいしゃく Interpretation この映画のシーンは、観客によって解釈が異なるかもしれません。
The scenes from this film may be interpreted differently by each audience.
前進 ぜんしん Advance この映画は、多くの災害に遭ったにもかかわらず前進してきた日本人の力を表現しています。
This movie expresses the strength of the Japanese people who have continued to move forward despite facing many disasters.

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Director SHINKAI Makoto, who made his name with the worldwide blockbuster theatrical anime “Your Name” (2016), has just released his latest work “Suzume no Tojimari” (Suzumeʼs Locking Up), in Japan and it has become a hot topic of conversation.


In addition to the beautifully transparent depiction of scenes and dynamic animation, Shinkaiʼs works are anchored by themes that capture the Japanese environment.


Furigana for the "The Heart of the Film “Suzume no Tojimari”

In this movie, the main character is a girl with an unusual name, IWATO Suzume.


The director himself says that the name was derived from the sound “Uzume” of “Amenouzumenomikoto,” the god of song and dance in the Kojiki, an extant book describing Japanese mythology.


Learn Japanese easier with Hiragana
Learn Japanese easier with Hiragana

According to the Kojiki, the goddess Amaterasu, the ancestress of the emperor, was angered by her younger brotherʼs arrogant behavior and shut herself in a cave called Ama-no-Iwato. The world then went completely dark.


Amenouzume then danced and lured Amaterasu away, and the world was said to have regained its light. One imagines that the “Suzume no Tojimari” is inspired by this myth.


Hiragana, romaji and translation, for an easier understanding and learning.

The Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011 greatly changed the way Shinkai approaches the creation of his films. This film, which deals with the earthquake, may reflect the directorʼs feelings about the unprecedented catastrophe.

2011年に起きた東日本大震災は、 新海監督の作品制作に対する心の在り方を大きく変えたといいます。地震を扱った本作には、未曾有の大惨事に対する監督の心情が反映されているのではないでしょうか。

In the story, the keystone that quells the calamity is missing. The series of scenes in which Suzume chases after it are also literary and may be interpreted differently by each audience.

この物語では、禍いを鎮める要石が抜けてしまいます。 すずめがそれを追う一連のシーンは、文学的でもあり、解釈は観客により異なるかもしれません。

Hiragana, romaji and translation, for an easier understanding and learning.

If the work was inspired by Japanese mythology, it can be seen as an expression of the Japanese peopleʼs ability to push forward despite the many disasters they have encountered throughout their long history.


Furigana for the "The Heart of the Film “Suzume no Tojimari”

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