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Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
長寿大国 ちょうじゅたいこく a country of longevity 日本は長寿大国で、平均寿命は世界トップクラスです。
Japan is a longevity nation, with one of the highest average life expectancies in the world.
平均寿命 へいきんじゅみょう average life expectancy 日本の平均寿命はWHOの最新ランキングで世界トップクラスです。
Japan's average life expectancy ranks among the top in the world in the latest WHO ranking.
人生 じんせい life 先進国では長寿化が進み、「人生100年時代」が盛んに議論されています。
Advanced countries are witnessing a rise in longevity, leading to active discussions about the "100-year life era."
若返り わかがえり rejuvenation 医療・科学の技術進歩は驚異的で、肉体を細胞レベルで蘇らせる新たな若返り技術も登場しています。
Recent advancements in medical and scientific technology have been astonishing, with the emergence of innovative rejuvenation technologies that revive the body at the cellular level.
不老不死 ふろうふし immortality 美容業界では、アンチエイジングから逆のリバースエイジングが主流になり、近年では「不老不死」の研究も一層進展しています。
In the beauty industry, the dominant trend has shifted from anti-aging to reverse aging, and research on "immortality" has advanced further in recent years.
安楽死 あんらくし euthanasia 病の苦しみから安楽死を求める人もいます。
There are people who seek euthanasia to escape the suffering of illness.
介護 かいご caregiving 介護や年金問題などの観点から、尊厳死を支持する人もいます。
Some individuals support dignified death from the perspective of caregiving and pension issues.
定年 ていねん retirement age 「人生100年時代」において、実質的な定年がなくなる可能性があり、半永久的な労働が未来に待っているかもしれません。
In the "100-year life era," there's a possibility that there won't be a practical retirement age, potentially leading to a future of perpetual work.
焦燥感 しょうそうかん feeling of impatience 若さを保つ焦燥感と執着心は、心の疲弊や歪んだ美意識を引き起こす可能性があります。
The feeling of impatience and obsession to stay young can lead to mental exhaustion and distorted beauty ideals.
健康寿命 けんこうじゅみょう healthy life expectancy 「人生100年時代」に向けて、健康寿命の向上が長寿よりも重要と強調する声もあります。
As we move towards the "100-year life era," there are voices emphasizing the importance of improving healthy life expectancy over mere longevity.
選択権 せんたくけん right to choose 今、私たちは一人ひとりが自分の生き方や最期をどう選ぶかについて問われています。その選択権は誰にも与えられています。
Right now, each of us is being questioned about how we choose to live and how we want to end our lives. Everyone has the right to make that choice.

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Japan is a country of longevity. According to the latest WHO ranking, Japan ranks among the top in the world in terms of average life expectancy.


As life expectancy increases in developed countries, the “100-year life era” has become a hot topic.


Recent years have seen remarkable technological advances in medicine and science, with rejuvenation techniques that revive the body at the cellular level emerging.


In the beauty industry, the mainstream has shifted from anti-aging to reverse aging, and recently, research on “immortality” has gone even further.


On the other hand, there are those who seek euthanasia from the suffering of illness. And there are those who support death with dignity from perspectives such as caregiving and pension issues.


In the “100-year life era,” there will be virtually no retirement age and a future in which people may be forced to work on a semi-permanent basis.


In addition, the pursuit of looking young can lead to impatience and obsession, which can lead to mental exhaustion and a distorted sense of beauty.


As the world moves toward the “100-year life era,” some say that healthy life expectancy is more important than longevity.


The question now is how each of us will live and die. Everyone has the right to make their own choices in determining this.


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