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Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
アイスキャンデー アイスキャンデー popsicle 「間人アイスキャンデー」は京都府京丹後市で親しまれているアイスキャンデーの店です。
"Taiza Popsicle" is a popular ice candy store in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture.
店主 てんしゅ shop keeper 「間人アイスキャンデー」の店主が中江さんから久保さんへと引き継がれました。
The shop keeper of "Taiza Popsicle" was handed over from Ms. Nakae to Ms. Kubo.
危機 きき crisis この店は何度も危機を乗り越えてきました。
The shop has overcome numerous crises.
手伝います てつだいます to help 久保さんはこれまで夏の間だけ店を手伝ってきました。
Ms. Kubo has been helping at the shop only during the summer.
あじ flavor アイスキャンデーのはミルクや抹茶など5種類です。
The popsicles offer five flavors, including milk and matcha.
住民 じゅうみん residents 間人アイスキャンデーは地元の住民や観光客に愛されています。
It is loved by local residents and tourists.

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In April of this year, the shopkeeper of “Taiza Popsicle” in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, was transferred from Ms. Nakae to Ms. Kubo, a resident of the same area.


Throughout its history, the shop has faced numerous challenges, including a revival from closure and the sudden passing of its previous shopkeeper.


Although Ms. Kubo had previously only assisted during the summer months by this time, when she learned of Ms. Nakae’s intention to close the shop, she made the decision to take over, determined not to let the nostalgic flavors of the past disappear.


Taiza Popsicles come in five different flavors, including milk and green tea.


Priced at 80-120 yen per popsicle, they have become beloved by both locals and tourists as well.


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