Author: Katsuyuki Hasegawa

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
ひつじ sheep 埼玉県にあるバンブーパームのが注目を集めています。
Sheep from Bamboo Palm in Saitama Prefecture, are garnering attention.
動物園 どうぶつえん zoo バンブーパームは予約制の動物園で、ミーアキャットやメガネフクロウなどが飼われています。
Bamboo Palm is a reservation-based zoo with residents like meerkats and barn owls.
到着する とうちゃくする arrive 羊のカールは、お客の車が到着するとスタッフに通知する賢い仕草で有名です。
Carl, the sheep, is famous for his clever gesture of notifying the staff when customers' cars arrive.
鳴きます なきます bleat 車が到着してから鳴いて知らせるまでの様子がインスタグラムで紹介されました。
The scene from the car's arrival to the sheep's sound notification was shared on Instagram.
自然と しぜんと naturally 園長は「カールはゆったりとした性格の羊ですが、賢く、何かを学んだわけではなく、自然とそのように行動し始めました。」と語りました。
The director explains, "Carl is a laid-back sheep with intelligence, and he began acting this way naturally, without being taught."

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Sheep at Bamboo Palm in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture have become a hot topic.


Bamboo Palm is a reservation-only petting zoo that houses more than 30 species, including meerkats and spectacled owls.


The much-talked-about sheep, named Carl, walks towards the office when a customer’s car arrives, and he lets the staff know by bleating “baa.”


The entire scene, from the car’s arrival to his notification, was shared on Instagram and quickly garnered numerous likes.


The zoo director says, “Carl is laid back, but really smart. He wasn’t taught this behavior by anyone; it came naturally to him.”


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