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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
バブル経済 バブルけいざい bubble economy バブル経済崩壊後、日本の成長が低水準にとどまっています。
After the collapse of the bubble economy, Japan's growth has remained at low levels.
本格化 ほんかくか the full-scale DXの本格化が進み、ChatGPTの台頭が話題となっています。
The full-scale implementation of DX and the rise of ChatGPT have become topics of discussion.
終身雇用制度 しゅうしんこようせいど lifetime employment system 変革の波は、伝統的な終身雇用制度により雇用が保障されてきた人々にとって、安定した地位を脅かすものとなりました。
The waves of change have threatened the stable positions of people who have been guaranteed employment through the traditional lifetime employment system.
機械 きかい machine 仕事が機械やAIに取って代わられる不安が広がっています。
Anxiety about jobs being replaced by machines and AI is spreading.
育成 いくせい development, raising 新しい時代に付加価値を生み出せる人材の育成が急務とされています。
Developing talents who can create added value in the new era is considered an urgent task.
学び直し まなびなおし re-skilling 社会人の学び直し(リスキリング)が注目されています。
Adult education and reskilling are gaining attention.
先進国 せんしんこく advanced countries 日本は先進国の中でもGDPにおける人材への投資規模が低い傾向にあります。
Japan has a tendency for relatively low investment in human resources in terms of GDP among advanced countries.
支援 しえん support 岸田首相は5年間で1兆円をリスキリング支援にあてると表明しました。
Prime Minister Kishida announced that 1 trillion yen will be allocated to reskilling support over the next five years.
人的資産 じんてきしさん human capital 資源の少ない日本にとって、「人的資産」こそが貴重な財産です。
For resource-scarce Japan, "human capital" are indeed valuable assets.
教育 きょういく education 日本は昔から教育に熱心で、18世紀には庶民の識字率が世界トップクラスでした。
Japan has been enthusiastic about education since ancient times, and in the 18th century, the literacy rate among common people was among the world's highest.
飛躍する ひやくする make a leap forward 日本が再び飛躍するために、リスキリングに期待が集まっています。
Expectations are growing for reskilling as Japan aims to leap forward once again.

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Japan has remained at a low level of growth since the collapse of the bubble economy.


Amidst this situation, the full-scale implementation of DX (Degital Transformation: initiatives that utilize digital technology to transform business models and lifestyles) is progressing, and the rise of ChatGPT has been a recent topic of discussion.


These waves of transformation have posed a threat to the stable positions of individuals who have been guaranteed employment through Japan's traditional lifetime employment system.


How can we alleviate the fear of suddenly being replaced by machines or AI (artificial intelligence) in our jobs?


What is urgently needed now is the development of human resources capable of creating added value in the new era.


In response to this, there has been a growing focus on re-skilling for working professionals.


Japan has had a tendency to have a significantly low level of investment towards human resources in terms of GDP and compared to other advanced countries, but Prime Minister Kishida has declared that one trillion yen will be allocated to support re-skilling over the next five years.


For resource-limited Japan, "human capital" can be regarded as an irreplaceable asset.


Japan has long been enthusiastic about education, and in the 18th century (late Edo period), the literacy rate among the common people was among the highest in the world.


In order for Japan to make a leap forward once again, there is now great anticipation placed on re- skilling.


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