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Snake phenomenon

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
愛おしいいとおしい adorable 好きな相手の言動をすべて愛おしく感じることが大切です。
It's important to find all the words and actions of a loved one adorable.
受け入れるうけいれる accept 相手のかっこ悪い姿や失敗も含めてすべてを受け入れることが大切です。
It's important to accept everything about the other person, including their uncool moments and failures.
肯定しますこうていします affirm 相手のすべてを肯定します。
People affirm everything about the other person.
ぎゃく opposit 蛙化現象から派生した言葉で、意味は蛙化現象とです。
Derived from the "kaeruka genshou (frog phenomenon)," this term has the opposite meaning of it.

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蛇化現象・Hebika genshou

It is the feeling of loving everything the person you love says and does.


It accepts and affirms everything about that person, including his or her uncool appearance and failures.


Derived from the frog phenomenon, the meaning is the opposite of the frog phenomenon.


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