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Chiikawa Syntax

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
世界せかい world 「ちいかわ構文」は「ちいかわ」の世界で使われています。
“Chiikawa koubun” (Chiikawa Syntax ) used in the world of “Chiikawa”.
言い回しいいまわし phrase, expression まんがやアニメの中で頻繁に使用される言い回しです。
It is an expression that is frequently used in manga and anime.
こころ mind, heart 「ちいかわ構文」の一つに「がふたつある~」があります。
One of the expression in “Chiikawa koubun” is "Kokoro ga futatsu aru- (I have two minds)."
日常 にちじょう everyday 日常のあらゆる場面で使うことができます。
You can use it in various everyday situations.

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ちいかわ構文・Chiikawa koubun

It refers to the phrases used in the world of "Chiikawa," a popular manga and anime.


These phrases such as "...... tte koto!? (you mean ...!?)" "Kokoro ga futatsu aru- (I have two minds)."


It can be used in various everyday situations, so it is often used on social networking sites.


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