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Like, Good

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
好きすき like 「好ハオ」は「好き」「良い」という意味です。
"Hao" means "like" or "good".
中国語ちゅうごくご Chinese 中国語の「好」が元になっています。
It is derived from the Chinese word "好 (hao)".
読み方よみかた how to read 日本語の「好き」と間違えないようにカタカナで読み方を入れます。
To avoid confusion with the Japanese word "suki," it is written in Katakana as "Hao” to show how to read.
使い方 つかいかた usage, how to use 「ハオい」や「ハオすぎ」などの使い方もあります。
There are also usage variations such as "hao" or "hao sugi."

Let's build up your reading skill


It means “like” or “good” and comes from the Chinese “ 好 (hao).”


To avoid confusion with the Japanese word “好き suki (like),” the reading is given in katakana.


It can also be used as “haoi (good)” or “hao sugi (too good).”


Mini Lesson: 推し活(oshikatsu)

Have you ever heard of 推し活 (oshikatsu)? If you're a fan of Japanese pop culture, anime, or idols, you might be familiar with this trendy term. Today's New expression and Buzzword "好ハオ" is often used when people do 推し活.

In the world of Japanese fandom, 推し活 is all about passionately dedicating yourself to your "推し" (oshi), which means "favorite". It's the person or character that you adore above all others, and 推し活 is your way of showing them just how much they mean to you. This unique term has gained popularity in recent years, and it perfectly captures the intense dedication and enthusiasm that fans pour into supporting their beloved idols.

Let's take a look at some example sentences to see how "好ハオ" is used in 推し活.

Japanese English
推しの新曲、好ハオすぎ! My favorite idol's new song is really good!
この写真の推しかっこよすぎ。好ハオ! This photo of my "favorite" is so cool.

In this way, you can use 好ハオ to praise and compliment your favorite person "推し".

Finally, let's listen to it in Japanese only!

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