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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
神社 じんじゃ shrine 私は神社でお参りをしてから仕事に行きました。
I went to the shrine to pray before going to work.
神玉 かみたま sacred beads この神玉は神様の力が宿っていると信じられています。
These sacred beads are believed to contain the power of the gods.
県内 けんない within the prefecture このイベントは県内の7つの神社を回ります。
This event visits seven shrines within the prefecture.
願い事 ねがいごと wish 私は願い事を叶えるために神社に行きました。
I went to the shrine to make my wishes come true.
専用 せんよう special この商品は専用のケースがついています。
This product comes with a special case.
身につける みにつける wear 私はこの玉を身につけて仕事に行きました。
I wore this bead to work.
集める あつめる collect 私は神玉を集めるために神社を回りました。
I visited shrines to collect sacred beads.
マンガ まんが manga 私はよくマンガを読みます。
I often read manga.
話題 わだい topic このイベントは話題になっています。
This event is a topic of conversation.

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The “Jyoshu Shrine Pilgrimage - Kamitama Tour” began in Gunma Prefecture in August 2022.


Articles about Shrines (part 1)

It is said that if you visit seven shrines in the prefecture and collect the sacred beads, which are believed to contain the power of the gods, your wishes will come true.


There is a special case in which the beads can be displayed, and the beads also have holes in them so that they can be worn on a string.


Articles about Shrines (part 3)

It is talked about as being like the popular manga “DRAGON BALL” because of the collection of the seven sacred beads.


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