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Prologue : Japanese Mythology

In Japanese mythology, there is a story of the creation of a land called "Kuni-Umi"(the birth of the country). It is also called the "Kuni-umi-Shinwa" myth.

The "Kuni-Umi" was commanded by the "Kotoamatsu-gami (Kotoamatsu-gods)," special deities responsible for creating all things, to a couple, "Izanagi and Izanami."



The couple stood on the "Ameno-ukihashi Bridge" and stirred up the chaos on earth with the "Amenu no Nuboko," a spear given to them by the "Kotoamatsu-gami."

The drops that fell from the spear accumulated to form "Onogoro Island," which was the beginning of the Japanese archipelago.

The story of "Kuni-Umi" is followed by the story of "Kami Umi" (the birth of the gods).




In this Nihongo Sprit Series, we will share various Japanese spirits based on the "spirit of coexistence" hidden in Japanese mythology. And we will introduce everyone to more mythological scenes on this page.


Japanese Mythology Series

  1. The Truth of “Impermanence” and “As Is”
  2. Traditional Culture That Demands Dignity
  3. Yokai Fit in with Japanese Life
  4. Japanization of Foreign Culture and Co-existence
  5. Compassionate Language that Avoids Conflict

Introducing Japanese Mythology Series Avatars

Izanami (いざ波)

I am Avatar Izanami, the storyteller. Together with my husband, Izanagi, I will guide you through this journey so that you may gain inspiration.


Izanagi (いざ凪)

I am Avatar Izanagi, a travel storyteller along with my wife, Izanami. We are named after a myth in the oldest book in Japan, Kojiki.


Izanami (いざ波)

Izanagi and Izanami are considered to be the gods who created Japan. It would be easier to understand if we say that they are like Adam and Eve in the West.


Izanagi (いざ凪)

Observing the world from the god perspective, Japan, known as the “Land of Harmony,” has many unique cultures that may be helpful to you.


Izanami (いざ波)

Some of you may be worried that it is blasphemy to use God as an avatar .......

神様をアバターにするなんて神への冒涜では…… と不安になる方もいるかもしれませんね。

Izanagi (いざ凪)

Please don’t worry. In Japan, freedom of speech is guaranteed. You will not be punished for criticizing God or politicians.


Izanami (いざ波)

And even if you are accused, one of the gods will surely help you. In Japan, there are so many different gods that they are called “eight million gods (all things have a spirit).”


Izanagi (いざ凪)

There is a saying, “If there is a god who abandons, there is a god who picks up.”


Izanami (いざ波)

One of the most well-known Japanese Buddhist monks, Ikkyu, wrote a haiku, “Buddha, the mischievous one, has come into the world, and many people are confused.”


Izanagi (いざ凪)

There is a dictator who is said to have said, “Man creates his own god and is bound by it.”


Let's embark on a journey of learning Japanese together, fostering a society of co-existence.


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