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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
好ましいこのましい favourable 「よき」は元々「好ましいこと」を意味する言葉です。
"Yoki" (good) is a word that originally means "favorable" in Japanese.
古語こご archaic word 「よき」は古語です。
"Yoki" (good) is an archaic word in Japanese.
いいねいいね nice 「良い」や「いいね」という意味で使われます。
It is used to mean "good" or "nice".
年齢層 ねんれいそう age group この流行は、最初は若い女性が中心でしたが、現在はより広い年齢層に広がっています。
The trend initially spread among young women, but now it has spread to a wider age range.
繰り返す くりかえす repeat 「よきよき」と二回繰り返すこともあります。
It is sometimes repeated twice as "yoki yoki"

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Originally an archaic word meaning “favorable,” it now means “good” or “nice.”


It has been popular since around 2016 mainly among young women, but the age group using it is expanding.


It is often repeated as “yoki-yoki.”


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