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An exhibition of "excavated artifacts of unknown use" was held in Nara Prefecture, where many ancient ruins have been discovered.

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
開催 かいさい Hold 2022年、奈良で「また!ナニこれ?」というユニークな展覧会が開催されました。
In 2022 an unique exhibition was held in Nara, called “Again! What is this?"
展示 てんじ Display 展示されたのは、何のために作られたのかわからないものでした。
The items on display were unknown objects with unknown purposes.
人名 じんめい Name of a person 人の顔と人名が描かれた木製の人型も展示されました。
Wooden human figurines with faces and names of people were also displayed.
企画展 きかくてん Special exhibition この企画展は2回目の開催となります。
This special exhibition has been held for the second time around.
来場者数 らいじょうしゃすう Number of visitors 奈良市埋蔵文化財調査センターの最多来場者数を記録しました。
It set a record for the highest number of visitors at the Nara Municipal Buried Cultural Properties Research Centre.
人気 にんき Popular/Popularity 今年の展示はとても人気がありました。
This year's exhibition was very popular.

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From October 1st to the end of November 2022, the Nara Municipal Buried Cultural Properties Research Centre held an exhibition titled “Again! What is this? - Unknown Objects Excavated in Nara City.”


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On display were wooden figures with human faces and names written on them, small dog-shaped unglazed clay dolls, and other items whose purpose was not known.


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This is the second time this special exhibition has been held, following the first in 2020. This yearʼs exhibition was so popular that it recorded the centerʼs highest number of visitors.


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