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Laid-back club activities

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
勝ち負けかちまけ winning or losing 「ゆる部活」は、勝ち負けよりも運動を楽しむことに重点を置いています。
The focus of "Yuru Bukatsu" (laid-back club activities) is to enjoy exercising rather than winning or losing.
部活動ぶかつどう club activities 学校には様々な部活動があります。
There are various club activities in school.
曜日ようび day of the week 曜日ごとにスポーツを変える学校もあります。
Some schools also have different sports for each day of the week.
対比 たいひ contrast 「ゆる部活」の対比として「本気部活」という言葉が作られました。
The term "Honki Bukatsu" (serious club activities) was created as a contrast to "Yuru Bukatsu" (laid-back club activities).
本気 ほんき serious 真剣に競技に取り組む部活を「本気部活」と表現します。
"Honki Bukatsu" (serious club activities) refers to clubs where members engage in their activities seriously and competitively.

Mini Lesson: club activities in Japanese

When you want to say "I am in the swimming team." in Japanese, what kind of phrases do you use? Actually, it can be said with a simple phrase.

Japanese Furigana English
私は [水泳部] に所属しています。 わたし は すいえいぶ に しょぞく して います。 I belong to the swimming team.
私は [水泳部] に所属していました。 わたし は すいえいぶ に しょぞく して いました。 I was in the swimming team.

Now, let's see how to say your club activities in Japanese!

Japanese WordFurigana English Word
水泳部すいえいぶ swimming team
サッカー部サッカーぶ soccer team
野球部やきゅうぶ baseball team
バスケットボール部 バスケットボールぶ basketball team
陸上部 りくじょうぶ track-and-field team
吹奏楽部すいそうがくぶ brass band club
演劇部 えんげきぶ drama club
写真部 しゃしんぶ photography club

Let's build up your reading skill

ゆる部活・Yuru Bukatsu

These are club activities in which students enjoy exercising without worrying about winning or losing.


Some schools play a different sport each day of the week.


For contrast, some media describe the opposite as "serious club activities.”


Finally, let's listen to it in Japanese only!

Now you can comprehend the Japanese-only audio

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