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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
沸騰ふっとう boil 「沸いた」は、本来はお湯が沸騰したことを表す言葉です。
“Waita” (boiled) is originally a word that expresses when water is boiled or reaching boiling point.
興奮こうふん excitement 今では興奮した状態を表すときにも使われます。
Nowadays, it is also used to express a state of excitement.
熱いあつい hot 沸騰するほど熱い気分や高揚感を表しています。
It represents a hot state of excitement and exhilaration, akin to boiling.
盛り上がった もりあがった got excited その他にも盛り上がった、喜んだという意味もあります。
It also has meanings of getting excited, feeling uplifted, and other expressions of joy and enthusiasm.

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The word “waita” originally means that the water has boiled, but it is a word that describes a state of excitement.


It means that the water is so hot that it boils, and that one’s mood is heightened.


It also means to be excited or pleased.


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