3 Common Challenges When Learning Japanese and How to Overcome Them

Just move to Japan? Love Japanese culture, drama, or Anime? Many reasons make people want to start learning Japanese. However, learning Japanese is not an easy task, and it can be frustrating for some people. Not just the difficulties of dealing with thousands of kanjis to memorize, but there are more common personal reasons that stop you from being a fluent Japanese speaker.

Just Started Learning Japanese? Beware of These Learning Pitfalls

The Japanese language is considered a difficult one to learn. Check here the major features of this language to have an idea. There's not only the basic challenge of learning new vocabulary and language structure. It doesn't matter what your mother tongue is: the Japanese language is not strictly related to any language known. You'll have to learn a different but fun writing system, together with an enjoyable culture! However, you should know how to approach this new language by paying attention to these learning pitfalls.

1. Limited Time Available

Daily life struggles could be a pitfall for everyone, from school homework, university tasks, overtime at your workplace, or even just the traffic that is preventing you from having some extra time. Hours in your life seem to be vanishing into thin air.

Your new year goal to learn a new language seems to be too far from the reality and life struggles that you are facing. Even going to evening language schools is still too time-consuming. Thus, flexibility could be the answer to this problem.

Finding a Japanese study program that gives you progress reports without taking too much of your time and maintaining your flexibility could help you stay true to your new year’s goal of speaking the Japanese language! Even in the little time you have left. Of course, you can also consider doing that completely online! There are numerous advantages to this new way of learning languages; check them here.

2. Loss of Motivation

Just as climbing a mountain, learning a new language always seems to be easy in the first few steps you take, yet, when you are starting the middle level, the pressure suddenly gets real. This tends to make people feel overwhelmed or want to give up. Many people I’ve talked to are always on fire when they start learning Japanese. Finishing Hiragana and Katakana in just a few days. Yet, when going into Japanese grammar and kanji, many people started to lose their confidence.

Just like pouring oil on the fire, most of the Japanese programs that exist in the market only ask you to repeat the same boring pattern that exists in books. Even a lot of companies that claim to be fully online learning based on technology still sell the same boring grammar pattern way of learning.

The solution? Finding a Japanese program that truly reflects you as an individual. If you, your coaches or teachers, and your programs reflect who you are as an individual, it will help you to stay motivated, just as how you keep watching the tv program that you like. In my case, it helps me to learn Japanese while focusing on the cultural aspect since it keeps me motivated.

3. The Right Program

Once again, many Japanese courses and learning products exist in the market. However, most of the schools only provide you with grammar and vocabulary books. This same program and pattern make it harder for people to move forward when learning Japanese. Additionally, the repeated Japanese grammars are like falling rocks, making the two challenges harder for you. It is super time-consuming to learn a language just by repeating grammar that you will probably forget in 1 to 2 weeks, just like the pressure of non-stop Japanese vocabulary and kanji that got shoved onto your brain daily. 

The solution for this is simple. Finding the right program that supports your needs and goals, your dream of speaking Japanese will not be just a dream anymore.

Learning Japanese: One Solution To Everything

Finally, if you are wondering where to find a good Japanese program, you should look into our We Language Japanese Online Course. We genuinely care for each student, and with the specific concept of personalizing students’ learning, it will be more feasible for students to achieve their Japanese learning goals. We also developed our Japanese Online course with a dedicated team that believes learning Japanese is a journey that students should enjoy. Thus, personalize the Japanese learning that keeps you interested, the flexibility of scheduling and location that is supported by a good system, and a dedicated team that supports your learning.

We language is the solution when it comes to Japanese learning.

Thank you for reading!

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