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Neo Decora

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
流行 りゅうこう trend 「デコラ」は1990年後半から2000年代に流行しました。
"Decora" was a fashion trend that became popular in the late 1990s to the 2000s.
発祥 はっしょう origin, birthplace 東京の原宿発祥のファッションスタイルです。
This is a fashion style that originated in Harajuku, Tokyo.
由来 ゆらい origin, source 「デコラ」の由来は飾り立てることを意味するデコラティブです。
The origin of "Decora" comes from the word "decorative," which means to adorn or decorate.
進化形 しんかけい evolved form 「デコラ」に進化形であることを表す「ネオ」をつけて「ネオデコラ」という言葉が作られました。
The term "Neo Decora" was created by adding the prefix "Neo," which signifies an evolved form, to "Decora".
派手な はでな flashy 派手な色合いの服やアクセサリーで着飾ることが特徴です。
The characteristic of Decora fashion style is to adorn oneself with flashy and vibrant-colored clothing and accessories.

Mini Lesson: the difference between "発祥" and "由来"

What is the difference between "発祥" (hasshou) and "由来" (yurai), both of which mean "origin", in English?

"発祥" refers to the first appearance or emergence of something, such as the initial occurrence of a technology, invention, or cultural movement in a specific location or time period.

On the other hand, "由来" refers to the origin or source of something, such as the historical background or cultural context behind a word or custom.

Now, Let's check some example sentences!

Japanese English
オリンピックは古代ギリシャが発祥のスポーツイベントである。 The Olympics are a sports event with its origin in ancient Greece.
イタリアのフィレンツェはルネサンスの芸術と文化の発祥地として知られている。 Florence in Italy is known as the birthplace of Renaissance art and culture.
"OK"という言葉の由来は諸説あり、異なる説が存在している。 The origin of the word "OK" is uncertain, and there are different theories and explanations for it.
現在の寿司の由来は日本にあり、江戸時代に江戸前寿司として発展しました。 The origin of modern sushi is traced back to Japan, and it evolved as "Edo-mae sushi" during the Edo period.

In summary, "由来" emphasizes the origin or history of something, while "発祥" emphasizes the initial appearance or emergence of something.

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ネオデコラ・Neo Dekora

“Decora" is a fashion style originating in Harajuku that became popular in the late 1990s and 2000s.


It is derived from the word "decorative," meaning to embellish, and "neo" indicates that it is an evolved form of the word.


It is characterized by the wearing of many flashy, colorful accessories.


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