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オキニ / オキラ
Favorite / Disliked

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Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
お気に入りおきにいり favorite オキニはお気に入りを略した言葉です。
“Okini” is a shortened word for “Okiniiri” (favorite).
アイドルアイドル idol アイドルから気に入られているファンをオキニと呼びます
Fans who are liked by idols are called "Okini".
対義語たいぎご antonym オキニの対義語はオキラです。
The antonym of "Okini" is "Okira." (disliked)
嫌われている きらわれている be disliked アイドルから嫌われているファンをオキラと呼びます。
Fans who are disliked by idols are called "Okira."
以外 いがい other than アイドルのファン以外にも使われます。
It is used for people other than idol fans.

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オキニ / オキラ・Okini / Okira

Okini stands for okiniiri (favorite) and refers to a fan who is especially liked by an idol.


Okira was created as an antonym for okini and means a fan who is disliked by an idol.


It is sometimes used for people other than idol fans.


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